4 Ways Artists Stay Inspired and Motivated

4 Ways Artists Stay Inspired and Motivated

Artists’ block is tricky, especially if you make art for a living. What can you do if your art isn’t turning out the way you want? What can you do if you have an exhibit deadline approaching and you can’t even bring yourself to pick up a brush? Today, we’ll discuss the best ways professional artists overcome artists’ block.

1. Do something non-art-related

Anyone will get burned out if they’ve been working on the same project for days. It may help to work on another project for a while or step out of your studio to take a breather. Refresh your mind by engaging in your other hobbies like sports or baking. Allow yourself to spend time with your family and friends. By adding variety to your life, you can avoid feeling bored.

2. Go outside

Sometimes, all you need is that spark to revive your artistic spirit. Professionals say they fight art block by proactively looking for new ideas. Inspiration doesn’t come by lying in your bed and mulling over your misery. Even just walking around your street can tickle your brain. Bring your sketchbook and roam familiar and unfamiliar places. Visit a nearby museum or art gallery. Check the social media platforms of your favorite artists. Use prompt generation apps. Even watching a movie can get your gears turning. The critical part here is to keep yourself moving and drawing. Inspiration may strike when you least expect it.

Workplace Artwork

3. Rest

Alternatively, your mind and body may just be screaming at you to rest. Remember that you’re human and that you need breaks to stay healthy and productive. Most artists are victims of overwork because it’s a profession where your income relies on your productivity. It doesn’t offer the same security as jobs where you’re paid a set salary regardless of your month’s productivity. Don’t push yourself too hard, or else you may get sick or injured. Overworking could also negatively impact the quality of your work and give you a bad reputation among clients. Consider increasing your rates so you can do less work but not have your income suffer for it.

4. Try something new

One of the biggest culprits for art block among artists is the feeling that they’re stagnating. A common misconception about artists is that their work is exciting and offers a lot of variety. However, there are times where the work gets repetitive. If you think this is happening to you, try exploring mediums you’ve never tried before. Paint with unique materials like coffee or Jell-o or experiment with sculptures and wire art. You may find a new passion by branching out.

Most of the time, artists’ block doesn’t just sprout out of nowhere. As with any ailments, identifying the reason they happened can prevent them from returning in the future. Once you confront the reason, it’ll be easier to build solutions tailored around the problem. If you’re worried about a lack of progress or improvement, take an online course or apprenticeship. If you’ve been working on artworks revolving around a similar theme, focus on other subjects.

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