6 Leading Reasons Why Artists Should Have an Online Art Portfolio

6 Leading Reasons Why Artists Should Have an Online Art Portfolio

Your visual work is best showcased in an online artist portfolio. Your very own art portfolio will contain all of the essential information that can be useful in the review and evaluation of your artwork by professionals; like art dealers and curators, for instance. 

Portfolios serve various purposes, and they do not only provide a historical checklist of the artists’ works and accomplishment. But there are likewise very useful during exhibitions as they follow any information related to you and your art.

Here are the six leading reasons for having an online art portfolio:

Show your work around

For all the work, time, effort, and artistry you placed on a piece of art, you are undoubtedly very proud of it. This is why you want to show your work around with your online art portfolio. 

Sell your artwork

Many artists’ primary motivation for having an online art portfolio is to sell the artwork. Aside from the financial reward of selling artwork, it can also be seen as a great marketing tool. Where your work is being shown for more people to see and enhance your reputation to other artists and art curators.

Increase your visibility and network

The World Wide Web is the biggest art gallery around, with billions of potential art buyers and art lovers you come across online, you can make sure that they can somehow find their way to your work. This gives you a perfect opportunity to grow your followers and build a network. 

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Sell yourself to the viewers

The online portfolio is a great channel to offer the story behind the artist as the piece of art. This way, people will get to know you, what are you up to, the kind of art that you do, and other things that you want your viewers to know about.

Demonstrate your point of view and identity

Each and every artist has their very own specialty, and they will make sure that they are the master of their very own medium. The moment the online art portfolio is up, the judgment does not fall only on the artwork, but on the artists too.

Put forth your best work in your portfolio

It is very crucial that your art portfolio depicts and reflects precisely your own artistic identity and point of view. Many art professionals and curators will scrutinize your work and find ways to criticize it, so, you have to place your most standout artworks bearing in mind the most critical eye that will be watching each one of them. Make sure you evaluate your best art and put it up, that is if you want nothing but pleasant and positive review of your work. Your carelessness will surely bring your career to sudden death.

Online art portfolios are the most direct and apparent representation of who exactly you are as an artist. When it comes to establishing your body of work and professionalism, nothing beats an artist’s portfolio, so make sure to pay special attention to your own portfolio and create one today.

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