Drive-In Cinemas are Making a Comeback

Drive-In Cinemas are Making a Comeback

We had to halt so many activities when the coronavirus proved to be highly contagious and fatal – work, entertainment, restaurants, leisure, travel – almost all sectors have been affected by the pandemic. But as days turned into months, we saw some easing of restrictions, and we can go back to some activities like dining in restaurants and watching movies. But the latter has some modifications, or shall we say some old practices are making a comeback in response to ensuring the health and safety and moviegoers. Movies for release beginning in the first and second quarter of 2020 were pushed back indefinitely because cinemas remain closed. This is where drive-in cinemas come into play.

Movie enthusiasts can now enjoy much-anticipated movies

With the resurrection of drive-in cinemas in the US, people can now watch movies that have been pushed to the back burner because of the pandemic. Films such as Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious 9, and Avatar 2 moved back their release dates as the world went on lockdown. As the restrictions ease, movie outfits that will release these movies may soon announce when they will premiere these much-awaited movies. We can now enjoy the 60’s and 70’s vibes when we pull up in our cars to enjoy a two-hour movie. 

Keeping safe while enjoying a movie

Theater Drive IN

Keep in mind though that even if you will be staying inside the car for the entire duration of a movie, it does not mean that you should throw strict health and safety protocols out the window. The disease is still here and will be here for a long time. We just have to adapt around it so we can continue living our lives and enjoying each day. Wearing face masks will still be enforced, practicing social distancing (albeit being inside the vehicle), and temperature checks can be expected. Everyone must submit to drive-in cinema regulations for the prevention of infections so that they do not have to enforce closures and lockdowns again.

Friends and family can socialize at a distance

For friends and family that have not seen each other because of quarantine, they can now socialize at drive-in cinemas while still maintaining distance. It is better than video calls because each one is physically present, but still at a distance. We have to contend with whatever we can enjoy at this time and retain our discipline. The more obedient to health protocols we are now, the quicker we can get back to normal.

Not just movies

The entertainment industry is venturing into drive-in concerts as well. The idea is the same as drive-in cinemas: people will stay in their cars and enjoy the show while maintaining social distance. Over the past weeks, a group of musicians held a drive-in concert, but people ended up outside their vehicles and forgetting about social distancing. There must be stricter measures in place to prevent the same incident from happening. 

Slowly but surely, the entertainment industry will go back to the way it was, at least partly. When the pandemic is over, some measures may still be put in place as we enter the ‘new normal’ stage.

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