Golden Ratio Influence on Modern Photography

Golden Ratio Influence on Modern Photography

One of the basic tips in photography is photo composition. Composition in photography refers to how objects are positioned inside the frame. And one of the common compositional techniques is the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is the proportional connection among two numbers. The approximate ratio is 1:1.61.  Many ancient works of art and architecture are thought to have been inspired by the golden ratio, which emphasizes symmetry and proportion.

For optimal visual composition, the frame should be divided according to the Golden Ratio. Photographers can utilize the skyline as their reference and position their focus at the 1.681 points instead of placing it directly in the middle. This shift in perspective only improves composition and results in more visually attractive images.


One of the principal applications of the Golden Ratio in modern photography is the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci spiral is a compositional rule that results in an image that is perfectly balanced and appealing to the eye. The Fibonacci spiral may be made by repeatedly dividing a rectangle’s surface area into a chain of squares. Many photographers use the Fibonacci Spiral in their photography, often in their landscape and self portraits. The photographs of ordinary life were made more intriguing and thought-provoking by applying the Golden Ratio in photography.

The Golden Ratio can also be applied to to the Phi Grid. When it comes to image composition, thephotographers employ a grid constructed from Phi. It’s a variation that was created using the rule of thirds. The whole frame is divided into three equal-sized columns and rows based on the rule of thirds, yielding a horizontal ratio of 1:1:1 and a vertical ratio of 1:1:1. Similar to how the Phi grid splits the frame, the middle row and column both employ the Golden Ratio, making them 1:1.618:1 horizontally and vertically. A picture created with the Phi grid draws your eye to the points where the grid lines connect. Better photo-alignment may be achieved using this method.

Fibonacci spiral


The Golden Ratio is well renowned for being visually appealing. This method produces beautiful results in wide-angle and landscape photography. The focus is automatically drawn away from the focal point when a picture is properly captured.  The use of the Golden Ratio by photographers improves the photographs by resulting in lovely compositions, creative framing, and aesthetically pleasing pictures. Using the various components, this may take the pictures from decent to outstanding. Therefore, after the photographer mastered the guideline, he may come up with the patterns and trends to produce stunning yet original work of art. 

In reality, the Golden Ratio is a design element that our subconcious are drawn to in photographs and other day-to-day objects. As an unconscious attractiveness, the Golden Ratio’s main purpose is to instill a sense of magnificence via harmony and balance. Our subconscious mind is already leaning toward the idea of the Golden Ratio, even if you were unaware of it.

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