How the Art of Decoupage Keeps You Happy and Healthy

How the Art of Decoupage Keeps You Happy and Healthy

During these uncertain times, we are all on guard, ensuring that we are safe and well-protected. Most of us are home and finding ways to stay productive without having to go out. Working from home has become the more popular choice of many, keeping regular working hours, creating home offices, and earning their keep. While most of us are up to the challenge of creating a semblance of normalcy, the daily routine of work and being confined at home can impact health. You can begin to experience anxieties about the future and not being able to be with people you were so used to having around you. You start missing places that were a part of your life, which can bring you down.

While you work from home, it is good to take a break and find something enjoyable to focus on and distract you from your stress and anxiety. Decoupage is a wonderful hobby that not only allows you to create works of art but is also beneficial for your health.

What is decoupage

What is decoupage

Decoupage is an art form wherein you decorate objects with paper cutouts and other scrap materials and embellishments to develop a beautiful art piece. It does not require too many materials, and most of them you already have at home. Old magazines, colored papers, glue, and varnish are the basic items you need. The great thing about decoupaging is you upcycle old and used materials to come up with a work of beauty from your creativity. It is an eco-friendly activity, which makes it even more advantageous.

Decoupage calms your nerves

Like most hobbies, decoupaging keeps you calm. Your mind is focused on what you are creating, providing that welcome distraction from anxious thoughts that can elevate your stress levels. On the other hand, you feel a certain excitement as you look forward to what your creative mind can come up with. You experience “eustress” instead, which is a positive kind of stress that keeps you upbeat and energetic. You may be working at home and focused on a particular task that is burning you out. This is when that much-needed break comes in to help you recharge while keeping yourself busy with something exciting.

Decoupage improves your hand dexterity

When you decoupage, your fingers are constantly moving as you cut out paper and glue them in an organized fashion, according to the specific design you have in mind for your creation. You often handle tiny bits of material and embellishments, which allows your fingers to be more precise and coordinated in their movements. Whether you are young or old, your hands can significantly benefit from decoupaging, attuning your motor skills, and keeping your fingers flexible.

As we undergo big changes with the pandemic affecting the world, adjusting is not an easy task. However, there is no reason why we should allow ourselves to get weighed down by the experience. Instead, we should engage ourselves in new activities that can add new meaning to our new normal. Try decoupaging and find joy in creating beautiful works of art.

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