How the World’s Art Collectors Got Started

How the World’s Art Collectors Got Started

Collecting art pieces from both famous and not-so-well-known artists is one hobby that costs a lot of money. Art enthusiasts and collectors shell out considerable amounts of their hard-earned money to score unique and striking art pieces by prolific artists. Some pieces cost millions of dollars, depending on their value and rarity. But did it cross your mind how these art collectors got started in their hobby and investment?

It starts with one piece

It was the very first piece of art that an established art collector bought that spurred their lover for collecting. Whether they knew it or not that they would become an art collector did not matter. We may never know what they saw in that one piece of art made them decide to buy more and eventually create a collection; what we know is that one piece sparked a love for collecting different works of art from various artists from all over the globe. They may have a criterion or standard that guides them in deciding whether a piece is worthy of being in their collection or otherwise. 

You, too, can become an art collector

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You don’t have to have a lot of money to get started on this hobby. As long as you have a good eye for art, regardless if the artist is well-known or not, you can begin your journey towards becoming a dedicated collector. You can add pieces through the years that you can either showcase at home or keep in a temperature-controlled environment to maintain their integrity. No matter how small your budget for procuring art may be, it can be doable. 

  • Research the market. Do not just take a piece’s price at face value. Research the market to ensure that the seller is not duping you with a high price for a cheap art piece. You can check art databases to get an idea of going prices for similar pieces. 
  • Scour charity galleries and auctions. If you don’t have enough money to buy a piece of art, you can check charity auctions for great deals. 
  • Visit air fairs. You can get art inspiration if you still have no idea how to get started. You can take a look at items to get a feel of what styles you want to collect. 

Is there money in art collecting?

We may think of collecting art as just spending money. However, you can profit from collecting art. Besides collecting art and displaying them at home or in your office, you can also invest in pieces that you think will fetch a high price in a few years. If you own a piece of art that is sought-after by other collectors, you may sell them at auctions and see how much the price goes up before your eyes. You don’t have to keep on spending money on art. You can also make money from it. Turn your love for collecting into a money-making machine. We are talking about hundreds to millions of dollars in profit here. 

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