Photography: Art and Science Combined

Photography: Art and Science Combined

Art has been defined as something created, stemming from the artist’s creativity and talent, a thing of beauty that conveys the feelings and emotions of the creator. And while many may not consider photography an art form, the way art is defined proves it otherwise. Photography, just like other forms of art, elicits emotions from those who see them. They capture memories, people, events, scenery, objects, and other subjects in their most natural state. Artistic photography involves so much more than taking photos of beautiful subjects or special occasions. It is capturing the beauty of people and objects that others do not see. As an artist, the photographer carefully studies their subject and uses their imagination to take pictures that have meaning not only to them but to anyone who sees them.

As a science, photography involves the use of technical gadgets and the knowledge in creating images utilizing this equipment. Unlike paintings and drawings, the camera is the scientific tool between themselves and the subjects they are taking photographs of.

The art of photography

Art and Science Combined

The question of whether or not photography is an art has always been the subject of debate since it first emerged. The issue arose primarily because of using a mechanical device to capture reality, in whatever form it takes. Today, however, it is acknowledged as a form of art. As earlier mentioned, the very definition of art shows what photography is all about. Photography is an effective means of expressing feelings and emotions. Many indeed use their photography skills to earn a living, which other artists do. Still, they are works of art because of how they were taken by the photographer. The artist inside allows them to capture just the right moment and create something that evokes memories or draws out different emotions. There is something they see in the subject that most people cannot imagine. If you look at some portraits by famous photographers, you will notice certain expressions on the face of the subject that you never did before. These expressions catch your eye because the photographer took them at the perfect moment. A photograph tells a story, sends a message, and makes you experience unique feelings. You can tell when a photograph was taken by an artist when you understand what it is trying to tell you. The choices of colors, the backdrops, and how the pictures come to life, are all part and parcel of this art form. Their challenge is that they depend on their surroundings to provide them with the best subject, colors, lighting, and other environmental factors. Still, it is their creativity that brings out the best in the photographs they take.

The science of photography

The use of a camera is the difference between photography and painting, their chosen medium. The camera works much like the human eye. Each part plays the role of the lens, iris, and retina. The difference is that a camera can capture moments that the human eye did not perceive. The photographer took the picture at the specific time the subject blinked, perhaps. There are many technicalities involved in professional photography. Photography all started with science in mind. It soon evolved into artistic expression.

There is no denying that photography has a profound effect on people. It is reality artfully presented through the talent of the artistic photographer.

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