Rookie Guide To Starting Your Own Art Collection At Home

Rookie Guide To Starting Your Own Art Collection At Home

If you already know the fundamentals of art and want to start your very own art collection at home, do not worry, we have you covered. Here are some basics you need to know.

1. Be your own guest – imagine you are a visitor, walking in your home for the very first time. What atmosphere or impression are you getting? Important locations from the point of view of a guest are: the entrance since it will serve as their initial impression and the outdoor area, if you own any. Determine the key points that stood out as you enter your home.

2. Declutter your home – before you hire an interior designer or art consultant, make sure you declutter your space first. According to a fundamental feng shui principle, decluttering your personal space will also declutter your mind. You can also contact an expert cleaning service if you don’t have the time to do it.

3. Buy your artwork – purchase artworks that appeal to you and your home. Take note that you don’t have to buy them all at once. Consider it as a slow process of establishing your art collection, one that you’ll surely enjoy. You can also rent an entire collection and but those that you love and still continue to rent until such time that you have every piece that you like.

4. Determine where you want to put your artwork – plan and list down the number of artwork that you want to place in every room or zone to fit the space.


5. Learn about zones – once you learn the different zones inside your house, it will be easy to decide the proper placement of the artworks, as well as the vibe and purpose you want to achieve in every zone. Always remember that traffic zones such as your garden and hallways don’t have the same purpose as your business zone, which can be a studio or home office.

6. Decide on your budget – an essential step but make sure that you have realistic expectations. Also, don’t forget to ask if they offer flexible payment options.

7. Jot down your preferences (medium, size, style) – medium is the material that the artist utilized to make the artwork and style is classified into various categories like Pop Art, Abstract, Digital Art, and more. In addition, size refers to the dimensions of the artwork in centimeters. All of these factors are essential since they will determine the kind of artworks that you want to invest for your house.

8. Do your research – by doing some research, you’ll be able to make smart and reliable decisions when you talk to your art consultant, gallery manager, interior designer, or artists about your art needs.

9. Know more about the investment potential of artists and artworks – when you start a home art collection, always remember that you are going to live with your art, thus it has to be appealing to you. But, you should also think about the future investment potential of the art you are buying. Check if the artist had received any awards or is a member of art investor’s collection.

10. Less is more – art collection can be quite overwhelming but always remember not to overdo it.

This guide applies not only to rookies out there, but even for advanced artists who wish to start their very own art collections at home.  Get started today!

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