The Healing Nature of Art: How Art is the Therapy People Need

The Healing Nature of Art: How Art is the Therapy People Need

Everyone is born with the capability to become an artist. However, the challenge is for people to discover their passion for art and to develop it. Most people get to dabble in art for a while, and then they lose interest. For a lot of people, they don’t see art as they should because they stifle any form of artistic expression. Others think art is limited to painting and the visual arts, not knowing that dance, music, and literature are considered art forms. Finally, for some, they abhor art, thinking it doesn’t do them any good, not realizing that art is everywhere around us. 

Different art forms fuel our society. Some artists created a movement that defined periods in history. Some artists live forever thanks to their stunning masterpieces that have captured the eye of people until now. Those are facts. However, what most people don’t realize is any form of art can heal the troubled soul. Yes, you’ve heard it right; art is the salve to a wounded psyche, a scaffold for people who need to make themselves whole once again. Yes, through art therapy, people can once again put broken pieces together. How does this happen? Read on, and find out how you can turn simple art activities into healing sessions. 

Art fosters a connection between your mind and body

Have you ever wondered why you seem to create your best work when you’re on edge? Why do you respond faster to a stimulus when you’re stressed? There’s a scientific reason, yes, but there’s also a more in-depth reason behind it. 

Whenever you’re on edge, you can express yourselves creatively. The connection between your mind and your body seems to intensify. Every word, every line, every note – you use it to express your internal state. You use what’s bothering you to fuel your creativity. You use your emotions to relieve yourself of what’s stressing you out. You consume yourself when you immerse in the process – you lose yourself, and afterward, you cannot help but feel spent, with the weight of the world off your chest. Then, in a manner of speaking, you push the hard restart button and give yourselves another chance to start anew. 

Tango Dance

Movement in art provides a placebo effect 

As we’ve mentioned, music and dance are art forms, too. Have you ever noticed how music affects your mood? How dance brings your energies up even if you’re feeling lonely and depressed? That’s already one way how art heals. These artforms stimulate your brain and body and bring them to a different state of consciousness – a natural high, so to speak. The more you crave expressing yourself through these art forms, the more you seem to be in the zone. It makes you feel healthier, and when you feel good about yourselves, the rest follows. 

Even the exercise of putting your thoughts in writing can be therapeutic. Putting words into paper allows some people to de-stress as they put ideas percolating in their brains into existence. The feel of the paper and the pen and the words cause catharsis, leading to healing and realization. 


While art therapy isn’t for everyone, it’s important to try at least. Art has a way of speaking to our innermost selves and helps us to understand and realize things. Art heals the soul, and when the soul’s healthy, the body responds.  

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