6 Awesome Ideas for Improving Your Portrait Photography

6 Awesome Ideas for Improving Your Portrait Photography

Tilt your chin down, turn your face 45 degrees to the right, place your hand here, smile – good photographers know all the tricks to capture amazing portraits. The issue comes in if you are trying to achieve something beyond the typical studio headshot.

Do you want to capture a photo that doesn’t just “wow” your model, but everyone who sees it? If you are ready to improve your portrait photography skills, use the tips here.

1. Use Natural Light Through a Screen or Window

If you take a photo in direct sunlight, it’s quite unforgiving on the skin. Instead, use natural lighting through windows, shutter blinds, or a screen, which can help to soften the harshness of the light and help create the amazing portrait shot you want to create. An added bonus is that this is extremely affordable compared to professional studio portrait lighting.

2. Shoot Candidly

While you may be standing right in front of your subject with your camera in hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a few candid shots. A way to do this is by distracting your subject by talking to them or having someone else there to strike up a conversation. You can also give the person something to do or shoot from far away.

If you need inspiration for creating amazing candid shots, check out the portraits at Instapainting. It’s easy to capture an amazing shot with the right motivation.

3. Use Unique Angles

You can make someone you are photographing seem more powerful if you shoot their picture from a lower angle, aiming the camera upwards. You can also make a child seem bigger by taking their picture face-on, or you can shoot from a distance to create a sense of insignificance or solitude.

4. Use Props

The right prop can transform the portrait you are taking. It can bring a pop of color into the frame, add visual interest, or create a story. You don’t have to be too “out-of-the-box” with your prop. Simple, everyday items, such as step stools or umbrellas can achieve this effect.

You can choose unusual items, too. Think about what would enhance the shot and then go with it, to see what happens.

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5. Shoot with a Wide-Angle Lens

When it comes to portrait photography, a wide-angle lens isn’t the most popular option. That’s because this type of lens is going to cause distortion to anything that’s placed in front of it.

Most photographers choose the 50mm standard lens but shooting with wide angle lenses (anything under 50mm) forces you to get creative.

6. Check the Background

Have you ever taken an amazing portrait of someone, only to discover after the photo was developed there was a cat propped up on a fence in the background (or a similar unappealing photo-bomb)? If so, you know what a disappointing feeling that can cause.

While cats, and dogs for that matter, are great portrait subjects, if they aren’t supposed to be there, they can ruin a shot. Make sure you carefully check the background, so your perfect shot isn’t ruined.

Creating Amazing Portraits

Taking portraits doesn’t have to be boring or dull. With a little creativity you can capture amazingly artistic shots that are not only going to wow the subject, but also everyone who has the opportunity to see them. To ensure you capture the creative photos you want, use the tips and information here. Doing so is going to ensure you have an amazing photography portfolio and help you land even more jobs in the future.

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