Art is such a powerful tool of communication and expression. It’s been around for tens of thousands of years. Its timelessness and universality connect people of different cultures, backgrounds and even times all around the world. There are pieces of art so powerful that you can actually feel what the artist was feeling while creating it just by looking at it. People get inspired with some art because it resonates with them on an entirely different level. Art is a reflection of humanity. It commemorates a thought, relationship or experience that has impacted the artist so greatly in his or her life. Art affects us more than we realize.

For the past many months, a lot of us have been working remotely from home or stuck at home for longer than most of us can remember. As quarantines and lockdowns haphazardly continue, our work-life balance has deteriorated into nearly nothing. Your coffee breaks or cigarette breaks with your co-workers have been reduced to squeezing in a trip to the bathroom in between your precipitously endless Zoom meetings. Your “me-time”, which used to be walking to a café to enjoy coffee with friends, going to a spa to get your nails done or simply breathing fresh air unmasked outside is now limited to the four walls of your suddenly tiny, claustrophobic apartment. This is where art comes in.

Studies have shown that art improves the well-being and health of a human being. Aesthetic admiration affects something in our brains that enhances our cognitive and emotional states. Other benefits of art include improvement of memory and lower stress levels.


In the present circumstances, what your home has (which is where you’re spending most, if not all of your time) is especially important. What you see will affect your mood and concentration. Just as something messy and disorganized will stress you out or give your anxiety, an aesthetically pleasing art piece can have a positive impact on your happiness, temperament and attitude. It even increases self-awareness.

Ever feel more comfortable and secure if your significant other is around you in the room even if you’re both doing separate things? It’s the same with the art décor in your home. Investing in art isn’t just an investment on an inanimate object in your home. It’s an investment on yourself, on your well-being, your mental health and even your brain.

For some people, creating art is a form of therapy that leads to healing and peace. Without having to use words, they are able to express themselves. They get to choose what to experience. The beauty of having your own empty canvas or empty wall in your home is you get to choose what you’ll experience through the art you choose to hang on that wall.

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