Digitizing Art: Best Drawing Programs You Can Use

Digitizing Art: Best Drawing Programs You Can Use

As we all know, art is subjective, and no hard and fast rule says we cannot explore the digital platform to express our interest in the arts. With the advancement in technology, we now have several available programs that artists can use to digitize their art. While some art purists would say that digital art isn’t pure art because of the embellishments of technology, in its purest form, it is still an expression of the artist’s vision. 

For those artists who would wish to explore learning how to make the digital world their canvas, here are a few of the programs you can use. These are among the best programs around. Select the one you’re most comfortable working with and create masterpieces. 

Adobe Photoshop CC

Imagine wielding power to draw and create anything using your digital pen. This is the advantage of Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to do anything from small logos to renditions of posters and packaging. You can even restore old photographs and touch them up accordingly. You can also choose from a multitude of brushes, pens, pencils and markers. That’s a pretty versatile program.


If you’re the artist who loves to manipulate clipart, hi-resolution and royalty-free images, then CorelDRAW is the program for you. You’ll enjoy the consistency of color across different file formats, and it also supports old drawing devices. You can even do something about the shadows and transform basic shapes into vectors easily. 

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If you’re a digital artist who wishes to produce realistic enough drawings and paintings, then DrawPlus is an excellent choice. With its options of natural-looking brushes, you can use them to create artwork that looks stunningly real. You can even create a brush that suits your particular style. That’s a great value for an aspiring artist to have. 

Clip Studio Paint

Illustrators who are interested in producing manga or comics will have a field day using Clip Studio Paint. It allows users to import 3D figures that are highly customizable. Artists can also animate their work with built-in features. It’s a program that’s going to unleash an even more creative side of the artist. 


An artist that wants to use an open-source digital application would do great to use Krita. This is quite innovative because it utilizes brush stabilizers which is a great add-on for those artists who have problems with their control. It also has customizable brushes which would suit your needs. 

MediBang Paint Pro

If you’re using your desktop, probably the best program would be MediBang Paint Pro. It is feature-packed but free to download; it also offers an intuitive control panel that allows you to create your hearts’ content. It also doesn’t use much computer memory space, so you can use it with other programs. You can also use the preloaded backgrounds for free. 

PaintTool SAI

If you want to use a program with an excellent user interface, you should use PaintTool SAI. It boasts a rich color management tool that allows you to create and alter different types of colors easily. It also offers full digitizer support, which is ideal for tablets and other mobile devices. 

Final words

An artist who wishes to conquer the digital landscape need only to use their imagination and the available tools to get things done. It wouldn’t take long for them to master an application geared towards showcasing their talent for the world to see. 

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1st and featured image by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/surreal-fantasy-panoramic-landscape-6645614/

2nd  image by  https://pixabay.com/illustrations/lion-wild-portrait-look-watercolor-3676984/

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