Digital Art: Progressive Technologies to Channel Creative Output

Digital Art: Progressive Technologies to Channel Creative Output

The very fabric of art changed with the advent of the camera. The camera made many possibilities, paving the way to something grand – digital art. In its simplest definition, digital art is artistic practice or work that uses any form of digital technology for its creation. Artists slowly grasped the technologies for their creative output, using television, personal computers, audio and visual software, and even the internet.

Artists were more than eager to harness the vast opportunities to employ contemporary ways to evolve art into something new. Initially, digital art was not recognized as a distinct art movement, but that was in the past.

Mainstream art 


Today, digital art is part of the contemporary art movement that employs ways of mass production through digital media. It made a significant impact on drawing, painting and sculpture, video, and music. Digital art is almost everywhere. You see it in advertising, illustrations, digital photo artwork, and 3D models.

Artistic expression and digital technology are now inseparably intertwined, made possible by the synergy of technology, science, math, and art. The digital designers and artists’ primary challenge is to use digital tools to develop memorable images that will intrigue the viewers’ intellect and touch their feelings.

The original online imagery is generated by computer graphics applications that use virtual canvas, equipped with all the tools for painting. As the tools are available digitally, the computer-generated artwork can have a multi-layered complexity that is relatively easy to achieve for experienced digital artists.

Digital artistry

While some say that digital art cannot be called true works of art, you cannot put aside the imagination, creativity, and artistry of several digital artists.

You should see the works of American illustrator Joey Chou, for example. He works with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Dreamworks, Sony Picture Animation, and Disney. While his works look simple, the incorporation of intricate details is what makes his work distinct.

The designs of Alena Tkatch of Ukraine can be seen in various children’s books. The freelance illustrator’s works have a youthful look that is adorable. In addition, she creates funky characters and friendly animals that appeal to all audiences.

But some artists create serious digital art because they dream of becoming illustrators/artists for board games and video games, such as Irina French, David Villegas, Lim Chuan Shin, Alyn Spiller, Alayna Danner, and Ricardo Ow. Many digital artists work in the film industry, such as Finnian MacManus.

Others, like Rachel Walpole and Jeszika Le Vye are giving free rein to their fantasies and imagination.

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