Let Your Tot Express His Creativity with These Fun Art Projects That You Can Do at Home

Let Your Tot Express His Creativity with These Fun Art Projects That You Can Do at Home

Toddlers are naturally curious and they want to explore new things. If you have a little kid at home, you might be thinking of activities that would keep him occupied while learning. Creating various arts and crafts that are appropriate for little ones is one of your options. Not only will this keep them busy, but it will also let them express themselves, as well as develop their creativity at an early age.

Not sure what activities you can start with your child at home? Here are some of the best arts and crafts that your youngster would enjoy. This can also serve as a bonding moment for the whole family.

Paint your placemats.

Do you have plain colored placemats? Add life to them with the help of your kid’s creative hands. Buy different colors of paints that you’ll use for painting the placemats. Make sure that they’re safe for kids though to make the activity is not just fun but safe too.

Let your little one stroke the brush and make the placemats his canvass. You may also use other objects that you can dip on the paint and stamp on the placemats, like an apple. Cut an apple to halves, dip the cut side on the paint and use it for stamping. Don’t forget to use those placemats on your next dinner. Your child would be happy and proud seeing his work used.

Turn acorn caps into jewels.

Kids love treasure hunting. Why not make it more special and exciting by letting your kid create the treasures to be used in your next game? This is a cheap but fun activity that will bring smile to your child’s face without breaking the bank.

You’ll need acorn caps, different colors of markers and white glue. Prepare something that would hold the acorn caps as they dry, like play dough or rice. Clean the inside part of the acorn caps and color them using the markers. Once done coloring all caps, fill each with white glue. Place them on the play dough or rice and let dry for 24 to 48 hours. When the glue dries, it will give a shiny effect on the acorn caps making them look like jewels.

Finger paint with edible ingredients.


Does your little tot love pudding? You can combine his love for pudding with art by letting him finger paint using pudding and edible paint. Purchase vanilla pudding and prepare according to instructions on the package.

Get your containers and pour some of the pudding on each. Mix edible paint on the pudding and get a white paper to serve as his canvass. Let him freely paint using his fingers. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about him eating the paint since it’s edible.

Make a DIY photo frame

This project may sound complicated, but it’s not. Your kid can create his own design allowing him to show his creativity. You’ll need a paper, which will serve as the picture frame; the photos to place in the frame and different materials to use for the design like buttons, stickers, threads, etc.

Assist your child in cutting the photos into small squares, as well as in cutting the different materials to be used in designing. Paste the photos in the paper. It’s up to you and your kid on how you want them to be placed. Just make sure that you have enough space to decorate around the photos. Start decorating around the edges of the photos, which will serve as their borders. Display your tot’s creation and let everyone see his work!

Create paper collage

Kids love tearing paper. Don’t worry; it’s not just your kid who does that. Did you know that you can actually make use of those torn papers in creating art? Let your child do what he does best (tear paper) and turn it into a creative piece.

Prepare papers with different colors, a white paper for your base and pencil for drawing. Let him draw any shapes on the white paper. Make sure that it has enough space where you can place the torn papers. Paste the torn papers inside the shapes to add color without losing the outline. And wala! An art creation from your little tot is made.

Art is fun, especially for kids. Who knows, your child might just be the next big name in the industry when he grows up.

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