Making the Most Out of Your Louvre Museum Visit

Making the Most Out of Your Louvre Museum Visit

The most visited museum in the world remains to be the Louvre Museum. But, just like any other museum in the world, it, too, closed to the public when COVID-19 ravaged the whole world. It has been five months since the closure of non-essential business, and some are already reopening. Once the Louvre Museum reopens, art enthusiasts and tourists can visit the artworks again but with significant changes. Gone will be the days when visitors can flock shoulder to shoulder, trying to take photos of the museum’s most prominent display, the Mona Lisa. 

The new normal in museum visits

Many People in Museum

We can expect significant changes in the way we enjoy museum exhibits. Strict health protocols will be in place, such as social distancing, wearing face masks, hand sanitation, and temperature scans. Crowding around each exhibit will also be a thing of the past. Museum administration may limit the number of people inside the Louvre at any given time to adhere to social distancing protocols. 

Go at night

If you don’t want to fall in line for hours to get into the Louvre, considering going at night when people will be considerably fewer. Make sure to check the new opening times so you can plan your visit and have enough time to enjoy everything inside the Louvre. 

Dress and pack accordingly

Visiting the museum may be tiring, so be sure to have a water bottle and light snacks in your bag. This way, you don’t have to cut your visit short because you’re already hungry and dying to get some food outside. You also have to dress, depending on the weather. It can get a little warm inside the museum, so be sure to have a layer that you can remove while inside.

Plan your visit

The Louvre is a big place, so to see every single exhibit, you should take a map and plan your route, so you don’t miss anything. Bringing a map of the museum will also save you time from going back and forth to the same area because you missed a display.

Go online

If you are still apprehensive about traveling and being around other people, you can opt to take a virtual tour of the Louvre. It is far different from seeing the exhibits in person, but if it means that you are safe from contracting COVID on your travel, a virtual tour will be best at this time.

What not to miss

The Mona Lisa is on top of everyone’s list, and for a good reason. It is Leonardo da Vinci’s most prolific work, and it is a privilege to see it at least once in our lifetime. The Venus de Milo is another piece that should be on your list. Some say it is as old as 100 BC. The Great Sphinx of Tanis pays tribute to the Egyptian sun god and king. It cannot be missed, with its huge human head and lion’s body. There is so much more to see, so make sure to have enough time.

The Louvre museum is so big; it may take you up to three days to visit every room in it. When visiting Paris, reserve a few days just for the Louvre. 

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