An Eclectic Taste in Fashion: Looking Put-Together Despite Clashing Pieces

An Eclectic Taste in Fashion: Looking Put-Together Despite Clashing Pieces

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Whatever type of clothing you choose to wear – be it simple jeans and t-shirt or something flashy and unique as print-on-print clothing and eccentric accessories – it is representative of your personality, character, or mood for that particular day. Women are a lot more fashion-forward these days; with more options and more freedom to express themselves, they take the chance to express themselves through fashion. One good thing about eclectic pieces is that anyone can wear them any time of the day, any day of the week, even for work, with the right combination to still look professional and presentable. 

Comfort and Style


Some people think that comfort and style do not really go together; you only have to choose one. But that should not be the case. You can find items that are comfortable to wear all day and still present the style that you are going for. Try on pieces before purchasing them so you can be sure that they are comfortable for a whole day at work. As long as the company you work for allows employees to be expressive in their clothing, you have free rein of what you can wear every day. Keep in mind though to still keep it professional as you will be dealing with other professionals.

There is no right or wrong

The thing about fashion is that no one can tell you that you are wearing your clothes wrong. You can pair flip flops with a little black dress, and it will be the right outfit, as long as you are comfortable and confident. But, in a work setting, you also have to consider the atmosphere of the workplace and its dress code. 

Incorporate simple pieces

When at work, it is essential to maintain professionalism – not just with your work ethic but also the way you look. You can definitely wear your unique pieces, but one thing to remember is to incorporate simple and neutral pieces in an ensemble, so it’s not overwhelming. If wearing a bright and printed top, keep the bottom to a minimum, such as a solid-colored pair of pants or a skirt. Strive to have one simple item on each ensemble if you are dressing for work.

Off days are your time to shine

When not at work – on a day out with friends at the mall, at the beach, or a party – you can wear whatever you fancy, disregarding any opinions people might have of your outfit unless of course, it violates dress code. One good thing about non-matching and unique pieces of clothing is that you can pair them with virtually anything. Your closet will have multiple outfit combinations even if there is not a lot of pieces.

Remember: what you wear reflects your character and also affects your performance at work, in school, or anywhere else. Clothes become a representation of a person. People’s first impression of someone will be based on their clothes and look; personality comes later on. 

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