Rediscover Your Passion: How to Remain Inspired as an Artist

Rediscover Your Passion: How to Remain Inspired as an Artist

It is common for many artists to go through not only swings of exhilaration and excitement but also loathing. Whether it is because of a lack of inspiration or reaching a creative plateau, it is easy to become disengaged from our craft. We’re all bound to hit the proverbial wall at some point and struggle to reconnect with our passion for art. However, that doesn’t mean that reigniting the fire you once had for it is impossible; on the contrary, it is achievable even with years of fear, neglect, or doubt. With that said, here are a few ways to find inspiration and remain motivated as an artist.


Indulge in the creativity of others

Artists must always replenish their creative wells by indulging in the works of others. Everyone is susceptible to moments of inadequacy and loathing, and by absorbing the creativity of your peers you’ll have a guidepost that will get you back on track. In actuality, it may even unlock a newfound appreciation for your craft and artistic impulses that you never knew existed. Similar to how every great writer is equally a reader, you must surround yourself with other work to learn new methods and techniques. And more importantly, to find inspiration and keep you motivated in producing your art.

Manage environmental distractions

We have more distractions today than we ever had in the past. Seeing that we can have all our entertainment needs, the World Wide Web, messaging services, and a telephone with us at all times through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is a testament to that fact. However, creativity requires a certain level of focus and empty space. And you’ll need to give yourself a blank mental canvas to play around and experiment from everything that you have absorbed to come up with great pieces. It isn’t an easy task to manage environmental distractions, to be sure. However, it is critical to schedule a time where you disconnect from everything. Doing so will allow you to concentrate and focus much easier than you would have otherwise.

Look for a community

While many of us may create art in solitude, we are able to thrive and flourish creatively with the support of like minded people. It is because of this reason that you must find a community – be it online or offline – to share all of your struggles, triumphs, doubts, and dreams. Having people who can nurture and offer constructive feedback can make a difference in helping you persevere as an artist. This could be a community center or an art school in your area or forums and social media groups on the internet. Don’t underestimate communities – they can help keep you engaged and inspired.

Passion is essential for any artist, be it a hobbyist or a professional. Without any enthusiasm and excitement for your craft, it is impossible to create any pieces that people will enjoy. And by surrounding yourself with others’ creativity, eliminating distractions during your sessions, and finding a community to be a part of, you’ll help yourself stay focused and encouraged with art.

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