Visual Art Trends of 2018

Visual Art Trends of 2018

Visual art has always been the most prominent art form. Throughout the years, we have admired visual arts through ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, crafts, photography, filmmaking, and architecture.  But, the visual arts not only encompass these traditional modes, graphic designing or graphic arts is the most recent addition to visual arts.

Graphic design is the next big thing because everyone is in the online world. Now, artists are finding ways to appeal to the mobile users. Turning digital has created more opportunities for artists to create more out of the box ideas, letting their imagination run wild and finding new ways to express themselves. Over the years, the entrance of the digital world led to a lot of experimentations and discoveries. Trends popped up and set the bar higher every time.

This 2018, we see the comeback of many familiar design trends from the past years, but there are also newcomers in the playing field that reinvigorates the creative spirit. Check them out below:

  1. Going purple

Going purple

The colour of the year is Ultra Violet. This colour trend has made its way into the paint, automotive, fashion, textile and electronic industries.  So, it will now be commonplace to see purple-themed graphic arts and designs.

  1. Creative typography

Creative typography

Typography takes centre stage this 2018. Now more than ever, there is a massive pressure placed on the shoulders of visual artists to be more creative in arranging and selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing and letter spacing to create compelling visual art.

Typography requires skillfully mastering various techniques but, creativity and innovation is the cornerstone of typography trends this 2018. Visual artists are letting the power of their imagination take control. Typography trends of the year include the unconventional order of letters and words, the art of erasing parts of the letters whilst keeping their readability, or crafting letters into real-life objects.

  1. Double colour light

Double colour light

Double colour light is one of those techniques you can learn to make your visual art more forward-looking. This particular technique utilises two actual sources of light. By using this effect, visual artworks will look edgy and modern. If you want to create highly impactful artwork, you must learn to use this technique.

  1. Metallic

The number of visual artists using metals has spiked this year. Inserting some metallic base colour into an artwork gives it a stronger impression. Not to mention that the artwork would have more appeal because it will look posher and classier to the viewer.

  1. Monochrome


Monochromatic themed designs will be a big hit once again this 2018. You can follow this cute design trend by simply matching the background colour to the primary subject of the artwork. Although monochrome might seem ordinary and dull, if it is done the right way, it will make any artwork look impactful.

  1. Gradient


The gradient is making a big comeback simply because the blast of colours catches the eye. The perfect blend of translucent and solid shade makes it a strong contender when it comes to impressing art connoisseurs.

  1. Ruined Effect

There is also an art to chaos, and that’s why the ruined effect is gaining popularity this year. The ruined effect is precisely what you think it is. It’s splashing, ripping, scratching or breaking the form/shape which will render the artwork’s original composition unrecognisable.

These are the design trends of the year that has completely taken over the art world. There will undoubtedly be new additions to this list as we move to the next year so, better keep both your eyes peeled for the latest ones.

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