Write for US

Are you obsessed with art/fashion and everything that goes along with it? If you answered “yes”, then you’re definitely in the right place. Because the truth is, SO ARE WE!

Spokenvision has a growing community of artist and writers who just can’t stop sharing about their passion for art. And although we have an already massive community, we want YOU to be a part of it. The bigger the family, the better. Won’t you agree? If you’de like to contribute a story which you find suitable for us, please get in touch with us and let us know! But before you do, here are some things for consider:

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Sadly, in as much as we’d want to accept everything sent to us, we also need to make sure that quality is in place and everything that gets published in Spokenvision brings value to our community/readers.

It’s for this reason that we have a couple of writing guidelines in place.

Here goes:

1.) Like our Facebook page and post a one/two liner in our timeline about what you think art is all about.

2.) Share one or 20 of our posts (it’s up to you. 🙂 ) to your social media accounts. Please include in your message the URL of the post that you shared.

3.) The article should have a minimum of 600 words and it should be about art/fashion.

4.) Add a minimum of 1 image per post. The image should be used LEGALLY with proper attribution.

5.) No grammar, spelling or typos please. That said, please triple check your articles gazillion times before sending it to us.

How are you supposed to send your articles?

While we prefer to receive articles via gdocs with the attribution “anyone with the link can edit”, you can also send it via .doc or .docx attachments.

You can also use the contact form or the email listed in the end of this page.

What are the things that you SHOULD NOT do.

1.) Please please please do not send us plagiarized content. We always check via copyscape and trust us, you’ll get caught.

2.) Do not link to harmful sites, we don’t want to compromise our website.

3.) Do not send us images without double checking the kind of license that it’s in. The images sent to us should have proper attribution and legally added in the article.

4.) Don’t copy other articles in the web.

5.) Don’t send us spun content or low quality content.

Still here?

I’m glad! It seems that you’re really interested to share your article. Please submit your guest post request to info [at] spokenvision [dot] com and we’ll be in touch!