Art Appreciation: Different Strokes for Different People

Art Appreciation: Different Strokes for Different People

Have you ever paused and wondered why one art form is popular with specific groups of people but is entirely unpopular for another group? Have you thought why the exact same art form, has both followers and critics at some point? Take, for example, the case of pop art. Although this contemporary form of art has a massive following, one does not cease to wonder why it has vast criticisms. Let us delve deeper into the personalities of communities and groups of people and how exactly they relate to various forms of art.

The thinkers and feelers

One crucial personality trait that can be identified with a group of people is the thinkers and feelers. The thinkers tend to utilize more of their minds and share their ideas in an art form. On the contrary, the overtures relate thru their emotions and feelings as they see a particular art. Through their varied reactions, one can easily understand that their senses are very dominant.

The culturally extrovert

The culture in a particular place shapes the overall choices of people. In many extroverted communities, individuals are all welcome to change and create new ideas; this is what contemporary art forms are for those like Lichtenstein or Warhol.

The culturally ethnic

The ethnic groups of people often shape their cultural and religious beliefs. The art forms they believe and relate to are highly restricted. People from these groups have seen and liked certain art forms, and so their ideals are shaped in a particular manner. They can’t relate to a contemporary art form and often dislike them.

culturally ethnic

The people in grief

Art is often found therapeutic for those who are in grief. It offers healing and release. For them, art is a catharsis. They can react positively to colors, especially for art pieces they find uplifting. In many cases, the subjects are asked to discuss the many aspects of the art form. This is a process that entirely helped them get over their sadness.

The social standing and their perception

The social standing of an individual can shape the kind of art they will eventually like. For those who are found on the higher strata, they prefer high priced original art. For these people, what matters most is that these masterpieces look good on their profile and is a perfect embellishment for the walls of their mansions. People in the lower social classes, find interest in various art forms, and they find great deals on reprints rather than splurging a fortune on original art pieces.

Bottom Line

Indeed, it takes a wide variety of people to make the world that we have now. None of them can be right or wrong, wise or foolish, good or bad. It is not intrinsically about who they are, but it’s on the way they ultimately perceive things around them. The same is true with art, depending on the kind of person that you are, you will definitely find your best match in the form of a beautiful work of art.

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