Being a Video Game Artist: General Tips for an Excellent Start

Being a Video Game Artist: General Tips for an Excellent Start

Without a doubt, for most people out there who have a history of both art and gaming, being a video game artist would be considered one of the dream jobs due to how much video gaming can influence a person’s childhood. Fortunately, there is a reason why the in-game credits of most modern games have such a long list for artists — they are needed more than ever. Aside from programmers and story directors, artists are the ones who can take the direction of a game to new heights, which is why most video game companies are always on the lookout for new talent.

That said, becoming an artist in a video game company can be somewhat tricky due to the sheer volume trying to get into the industry. With the saturation of artists, it can be easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed and discouraged, as it often feels like there are artists out there who are so much better at what they do. However, it is the perfect opportunity to improve! Here are some general tips for an excellent start.

Build a proficiency in digital art and photo editing software

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One of the most crucial parts of being a video game artist involves the use of all types of software. While you might be quite good at drawing things up on paper, the use of digital art helps as not only does it make the job easier, but many video game companies will be looking for people with experience in all manner of editing software.

For a video game artist, it is not enough to be good at drawing. The ability to make use of digital art to the best of your ability is one of the priority goals to chase after if you intend to make it as a video game artist!

Be consistent with your work

It can be discouraging at times, knowing that some artists are that much better, but keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you feel you might not be very good, it will only be a matter of time until you start seeing the fruits of your labor. The key to improvement is not just to develop a mindset to want to improve, but to be consistent when it comes to practicing.

Make as many things as you can, as consistently as you can, and slowly but surely build your portfolio. Practice with the most popular digital art programs out there!

Purchase a drawing tablet!

Last but certainly not least, it goes without saying that purchasing a drawing tablet is crucial if you intend to get far as a video game artist. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheaper ones for those starting out, and you can slowly go for more expensive tech as you go.

For those who are having trouble with their overall direction, there are game degrees available for those willing to go through a bit of education to achieve results. With enough hard work, you can make your mark as a video game artist!

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