Effective Advertising: Fashion Photography

Effective Advertising: Fashion Photography

Fashion photography at its core is a subgenre of photography and is used to promote new collections made by brands to instill interest in the public. Although fashion and photography are two entirely different mediums, when they are put together, they create their own separate form of art. And in recent years, there has been a larger audience for both mediums, possibly due to the advertisements that brands are putting up on social media, billboards, and magazine covers. This boom within both industries has sparked more interest in following fashion photography as its own separate medium, and as an opportunity for companies to make a mark in the public’s eye.


It is said that the earliest records of fashion photography can be traced back to the 1850s-60s. The first pioneers of this medium of photography were the French who used fashion photography as a means to record or document fashion for companies that focus on high fashion. These photographers were normally found working in studios, however, once in a while they would hold their photoshoots out in the streets during the earlier years of fashion photography. Between the years 1900 – 1930, the medium began to be introduced in America and created waves by a photographer named De Mayer by focusing light onto a subject and creating an interesting contrast that was at the time coined with the name “artistic” photography.

Common Techniques

For any successful photo shoot, it is vital that the models are comfortable because they are the main point of focus. Once the model is at ease, the rest will begin to follow. During the actual shoot, it’s common for photographers to play and experiment with light to find the light that is flattering on both the model and the clothes being advertised. More on experimentation, using uncommon angles for shooting can create gather more interest from people passing by. Another technique that would catch someone’s eye is finding poses that are considered weird or uncommon. While using different angles and poses is important, the main focus should still be the fashion being showcased. 


Since its conception, fashion photography has then branched out to several other types of fashion. And perhaps the most well-known type is high fashion, with the works of high-profile photographers even being displayed as art in celebrated exhibitions around the world. Another type is street fashion, which focuses on what is currently popular and trending, even following the way that people style and wear clothes. Next is catalog photography, this type seems to be the closest to the original purpose of fashion photography as its main purpose is to clearly exhibit a fashion house’s collection by using neutral backgrounds so as to not distract from what is being advertised.


Today, fashion photography has continued to hold the interest of the public by following different themes, motives, and techniques. Fashion photography catches the eye by creating interesting premises and effectively showcasing the fashion of companies. This subcategory of photography seems unassuming at first but its content continues to stay in people’s minds and subconsciously pushes consumers to buy the products they saw, showing the beauty of this elaborate marketing plan.

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