Fashion Design: Artistry in Clothing

Fashion Design: Artistry in Clothing

Fashion design is an art form focused on creating clothes and fashion accessories. One category that falls under today’s fashion design is haute couture, customized wear for specific clients. A fashion designer is required to present their new collection of at least 35 outfits two times a year and be part of the “Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture,” to be recognized as a certified haute couture house.

The other category is ready-to-wear clothing that isn’t customized, carries standard sizes, and is best for larger-scale productions. Ready-to-wear outfits also fall into two types – designer and confection. Designer outfits offer a higher standard of quality and carry a unique design, making them a little pricier than the latter. Haute couture and ready-to-wear are part of collections shown on fashion design shows.

History of fashion design

Fashion design goes way back to 1826 where Charles Frederick Worth, a draper, was known to be the world’s first fashion designer. Originally a draper, he pioneered the first fashion house in Paris, France, and began to tell his clients the type of clothes that would be most suitable for them. During this time, numerous design houses started employing artists to come up with patterns for clothing. Designers then showed these patterns to clients. In turn, they would decide if they liked what they saw and would order specific designs. At this time, patterns were presented to customers before starting the sewing process, rather than the traditional method of presenting completed garments to them. The 20th century brought in innovative developments in the fashion world, beginning in Paris before spreading them worldwide. Because of this, Paris earned worldwide recognition and the title of “fashion capital.” Haute couture was what fashion was all about then, designs that were exclusively created for specific clients. Soon after, mass production for fashion garments began, and people had a wide array of garment options. It was not long before people became more fashion conscious and started opting for clothes that provided them comfort and showed off their unique personalities rather than following the latest market trend.

Fashion Show

Fashion design today

Presently, fashion design is recognized as an excellent career. Numerous institutes have emerged, providing opportunities for individuals interested in fashion designing, and the number of students has grown through the years. Being a fashion designer requires artistic sense and creativity. Drawing is necessary as ideas need to be expressed in sketches. While one does not have to be an outstanding artist, it does call for a few unique skills in color combinations and shades. Fashion designers should know how to handle fabric and know the best and unique designs suitable for particular textiles. They must also know how to picture the finished product even before the sewing process has started. As a fashion designer, one must keep apace with the latest fashion trends and be interested in art, interacting and associating with artists of different art forms. Doing this helps widen their perspective and keep their creative juices flowing. They must also be knowledgeable in tailoring and identify the quality of different types of fabrics.

Fashion design has come a long way since Charles Frederick Worth began his career in the fashion world. Since then, fashion designers have garnered recognition and earned respect for their artistry and creativity in the world of fashion and design.

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