Pursuing the Artistic Lifestyle: Is a Career in Art Worth it?

Pursuing the Artistic Lifestyle: Is a Career in Art Worth it?

There’s a reason why the starving artist is considered a stereotype. Not everyone who pursues a career in art can make things work, at least not without passion, commitment, and consistency. Pursuing the artist’s lifestyle is something that many people dream about, but few get to accomplish or even try. Many end up being discouraged by the challenges, especially due to the abundance of well-paying jobs outside the realm of the creative.

That said, there is a chance an aspiring artist can make their mark in the world of art. There are quite a few out there that make the most out of their opportunities and grow to be excellent artists. It all depends on your willingness to overcome its challenges. Is a career in art worth it? You’ll have to consider a few factors before coming to an informed decision.

The accessibility of the career artist

The accessibility of the career artist

There was a time when trying to become a career artist was considered expensive due to the amount you would have to spend on art materials. As if that wasn’t enough, those that genuinely want to get better at their craft would either have to practice on their own with what references they can buy, or attend an art course to hone their skills.

These days, there isn’t any need to attend a course, unless you want to go the traditional route. There are so many different tutorials available that anyone can hone their skills with enough time and patience. The same thing goes for art materials, as digital art requires the individual to pay for a tablet and a program to get started instead of having to waste so much money on materials.

The potential for work

Most artists will make their start with freelance work to help start a following. Fortunately, there are many social media channels available for potential commissions, and the more commissions an artist accepts, the bigger the brand exposure. It’s a fantastic time to be a freelance artist, all things considered. There is also the chance to be accepted as a concept artist for various art and media industries, as well as advertising.

The competition

Considering how easy it is for people to become full-fledged artists, the competition is much stiffer than ever before. There are so many people looking to make it big that it can sometimes be challenging to find relevance in an oversaturated market. As easy as it can get to work toward a career in the arts, you’ll have to be committed to overcoming the competition to get the job done. That said, a willingness to work hard and a mind for consistency will mean that you always have supporters looking to help you out.

With everything stated above, is pursuing a career in art worth it? The short answer is yes. There are so many opportunities for artists — not just to get work, but also to learn and hone their craft however they can. It’s undoubtedly a good time to be a freelance artist, though you might want to keep your day job as you work toward becoming a full-time artist!

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