Opportunity in NFT Art: A Guide On How to Be an NFT Artist

Opportunity in NFT Art: A Guide On How to Be an NFT Artist

Many headlines today are screaming about how NFT arts are bought for astronomical amounts of money. Recently, the famous singer, Justin Beiber, bought Bored Ape NFT for a whopping $1.29 million. NFT artworks are auctioned off by young artists for several thousands of dollars. One example is the teenager Jaiden Stipp who sold his waving astronaut digital illustration for 20 ETH, which is around $62,000 today.

An 18-year old NFT artist named Victor Langlois, known as FEWOCiOUS, earned $18 million from NFT in 2020. Among his digital artworks, The Everlasting Beautiful, was auctioned off for a tremendous amount of $550,000.

In the NFT art world, the success of the emerging artists like Langlois and Stipp has attracted artists’ interest across the globe. Their success is undeniably out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, internet collectibles marketplaces are booming. For this reason, we’ll tackle the fundamentals of NFT art and how to be an NFT artist below.

What are NFTs?


NFT basically means “non-fungible token,” a unique digital file kept on a blockchain. While anyone online can still see your digital art, screenshot them, and download them with nearly the same quality, designating an agreed-upon value of ownership to your digital art is the primary purpose of NFTs. The blockchain makes the validity and ownership of NFTs certain.

To make it clearer, we’ll put it this way. Say you own a pair of high-priced Air Jordans. Those sneakers will remain in your wardrobe even if Nike goes out of business.

Here’s a quick rundown of the NFT platform’s interactions with crypto-artists and NFT buyers:

  • The copyright of the artwork will belong to the artist. Using blockchain technology to sell digital art allows automatic resale royalties to be sent back to the artist. But, if the art piece is resold on another platform, the automated resale royalty is not assured.
  • The NFT charges a service fee for every transaction you do in its marketplace.
  • A smart contract will be handed to the buyer, proving that their ownership is authentic. This contract also records the artwork’s previous owners.

Steps to become an NFT artist

  1. Select your niche – Figure out the type of artwork you want to create. A particular niche will allow you to improve your skills when producing digital art. It will also let your audience understand the artwork you make.
  2. Decide your method of creating the art and its format – You will need to choose an editing software if you decide to make art from scratch. Choose according to your art type and the result you are aiming for. Afterward, save your artwork to a supporting file format you prefer.
  3. Create your artwork and sell them – With the niche and method you chose, start creating your art piece. When done, select the relevant marketplace for your collection. Since it’s your first time selling an NFT art, create an account on all marketplaces and post it on Rarible and OpenSea.

Final Thoughts

Digital art paves the way for artists in the NFT world. The success of young digital artists in the NFT encourages artists around the world to jump on the bandwagon and rediscover their love for art.

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2nd image by https://unsplash.com/photos/yscrM1AOEKI

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