The Art of this Generation, Digital Art

The Art of this Generation, Digital Art

The innovations made in technology have made a significant impact on today’s society. But the advantages technology has brought can be seen even more clearly with today’s artists. In the past, artists were limited by the technology available because they couldn’t create art digitally. Now, artists are free to create art in more ways than thought possible. The introduction of technology has been helpful for artists because they now have a more comprehensive range of mediums to choose from. The different programs available and the vast array of tools created to promote the creativity of artists. Digital art has changed the art of today.


Technology also made it possible for art focused programs to thrive. Digital art has flipped the rules of art. In traditional forms of art, it wasn’t possible to undo a mistake you made. But in digital art, however, it’s as simple as pressing the undo button. Moreover, digital art has the function of adding layers. And these layers can be used to go back and forth to different stages of your work. Your sketch, line art, and paint can all be separated. Another advantage of digital art is the wide arrange of brushes you can use. Stylizing artworks to your taste is easier because you aren’t limited by the drawing or painting material you are using. In digital art, you are free to use different brush styles all together to create something new.

Digital Art Machine


Another reason digital art has become so simple is the hardware that was designed to create art. Drawing tablets have become increasingly popular with artists because it makes it easier for them to draw and paint digitally without using a mouse. Another device that has become popular with digital artists is tablets. Tablets have slipped their way into the mainstream market because of their portability and touchscreen capabilities. Moreover, many companies have released pens or pencils compatible with the tablets they have released, making a drawing that much easier for these artists.

Social Media

Social media has changed the way we interact with art. Anyone who has a social media account can search different artworks and see how other people interpret these pieces. With that being said, this also implies that digital art can reach a wider audience. And with more people having access to these works, people have grown to appreciate digital art as a medium. The reach of social media has undeniable, and with so much of the population using different platforms, it’s almost impossible for someone to ignore the digital art scene.

Digital art is unmistakably the art of today’s generation. It has preceded and broke the rules previously known to the art. And although it may be one of the most different mediums of art known to date, it is also one of the catalysts that helped push art back into the mainstream. Digital art is helping raise a new generation of artists who aren’t afraid to bend and enhance the rules of art and bring a larger audience to appreciate and love art.

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