Art Movements that Might Inspire You

Art Movements that Might Inspire You

One of the best things about art is that it has a habit of bringing people together. There are art movements dotted throughout history that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life. In a lot of ways, it is also the reason why music as a creative outlet is so beloved. Art is as much the universal language as music is often touted to be.

That said, there are often so many variations, genres, and subgenres of art to consider that it can be overwhelming to consider all at once. For those looking for inspiration and motivation to make their mark, here are just some art movements that just might inspire you!

The Surrealism Movement

The Surrealism Movement

A movement that was active throughout World War II, Surrealism was founded by André Breton back in 1924. It is a movement that affects not just artwork, but literary works alongside. It was a movement meant to liberate what people know as reality by creating surreal works of art.

While everyone is bound to have a unique experience with Surrealist art and literary works, there is plenty of inspiration to absorb from the movement. The fact that it strives to break through the boundaries of what most see as reality can be a strangely freeing process, which is why surrealist works tend to be a good source of inspiration for most. As its namesake suggests, the experience is surreal and well worth exploring.

The Futurism Movement

Of the many movements dotted throughout history, there are few as strangely comforting as the Futurism movement. It was founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909, depicting images of how the world is changing due to various modern developments. The curious part about futurism is how it is not necessarily meant to portray advanced structures, but to also portray the speed at which modern technology continues to make progress. The result is an ever-dynamic movement that continually shifts as more and more futuristic aspects are introduced.

The Expressionism Movement

The world of art is nothing if not expressive, and one of the movements that best represents the way art is seen, felt, and experienced is the Expressionism movement. It can be dynamic, it can be strange, it can be jarring, and it can be vivid. There are various examples of the movement throughout the decades, and it was most popular in Austria and Germany before the start of World War II. The main goal of Expressionism is self-explanatory. It serves to help the artist express their ideas in their simplest form. In some cases, the result can be almost violent, while in others it can be quite serene. It represents the feelings of the artist, alongside the turmoil and challenges that come with it.

When it comes to art movements, you are undoubtedly spoiled for choice. The three above are meant to help many artists find their inspiration, though there are plenty of other movements out there that can produce similar results. Those who are willing to go on an artistic journey will learn much from the various artistic and literary movements of the past!

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