Bonsai: An Ancient Art Form Worth Reviving

Bonsai: An Ancient Art Form Worth Reviving

Bonsai is an art form that dates back to many centuries. Originally from China and Japan, Bonsai is growing certain kinds of trees or shrubs in small and shallow containers or trays. Through the special care and attention given by pruning and shaping, the plant takes on the appearance of a mature but miniaturized tree. This is its natural appearance when it grows in typical surroundings.

The art of Bonsai takes a lot of patience and nurturing, but the reward of seeing how beautiful the miniature tree turns out is worth the effort. Some of them can thrive indoors, and others are meant to be outdoors. It is also typical to find little figurines of people and houses beneath the bonsai tree as an added attraction, making them lovely decorative pieces inside and outside the home. Apart from its unique beauty, having a Bonsai tree can offer many other benefits to its owner.

It is a rewarding hobby

Bonsai rewarding hobby

Because of the time, effort, and patience it takes to grow a Bonsai tree, there is a sense of fulfillment when you start to notice the fruits of your labor. Unlike other hobbies where pieces are completed in a few days or so, growing a bonsai is a continuous process of special care and skill. If you are looking for a more challenging hobby that occupies your time, especially during the present situation, bonsai gardening is undoubtedly worth considering.

It purifies your indoor air quality

Indoor plants are not only meant to beautify the home, which they indeed do. They are also known to purify the air. The Bonsai is no different. Like all indoor plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide and VOCs or volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde. These compounds are present in cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and other common household detergents, which are harmful to our health. They can cause respiratory conditions and other chronic diseases. A Bonsai plant also releases oxygen as indoor plants do, which is what we breathe in.

It relieves stress

Plants have a unique way of uplifting the mood and making you feel more optimistic. The bonsai lends that same quality, which is why it is a popular addition to homes. Additionally, growing and taking care of them yourself can calm your nerves and keep you pleasantly preoccupied. Your focus is on how to handle your bonsai with care, and your attention is diverted from negative thoughts.

It can be a profitable business

Bonsai trees are quite expensive, and if you are really into growing them, they can be a profitable business. Each year, the number of people in cities grows, whether for work or study purposes. This means smaller yards or condos and apartments. They would be potential clients for bonsai that do not take up space but still bring nature into their homes. You can start selling starter plants as you wait on your bonsai trees to become more mature and costlier.

With the pandemic and a lot of time spent at home, growing bonsai trees can be a productive way to pass the hours. They can also make you feel that no time is wasted as you watch them grow.

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