Fashion as Another Form of Art

Fashion as Another Form of Art

Fashion is no longer just grabbing a pair of pants and a shirt from your closet and wearing whatever shoes are in sight. Fashion these days means planning an outfit where each piece will complement each other – or not. Fashion is an individual’s expression of their personality, character, and taste. There are a plethora of fashion choices that everyone can enjoy at a wide range of price points so everyone can have the outfits that they want without emptying their savings accounts. Being fashionable does not necessarily mean buying only luxury brands and expensive items. It is in how a person carries themselves that makes them chic and stylish.

More than just clothes, shoes, and bags

Fashion Art

Art is an expression of a feeling, character, personality, and individuality. If a person dresses up a certain way, they are trying to express themselves to make them feel good. Others express themselves through paintings, sculptures, poetry, and music while others express themselves through fashion. Colors, patterns, shapes all make up an outfit, and however way you want to put together an outfit, no one can tell you that it is wrong. Fashion Week in different parts of the world – New York, Paris, London – is the year’s most awaited events by fashion connoisseurs. The season’s latest pieces are on display that fashionistas can add to their wardrobe.

Art and Fashion at the MET

We all know that the MET Gala is one of Hollywood’s most coveted fashion events each year. Vogue’s Anna Wintour came up with the concept of merging fashion and art. Each year is a different concept for costume design, and celebrities and personalities go out decked in different clothing brands. Each year’s costume design become the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent art collection. This cemented fashion’s identity as part of the art industry. 

But who would wear those out of this world fashion pieces that runway models wear?

We often see models on fashion shows wearing items that you can barely identify as pieces of clothing. You may ask, “who would wear that on a daily basis?” The answer is no one. As one may say, fashion is art. We may not always understand the meaning behind a painting, a sculpture, or music, but we regard it as a piece of art. The same goes for creations by fashion designers. It is the artist’s expression of their imagination and character.

During the course of history, fashion has not been regarded as at the same level as music, poetry, sculpture, or painting. But the difference in fashion among the others is that it is art lived and expressed daily. Not everyone can showcase the art they own more than fashion. Every day you go out of the door, you are showcasing your art pieces – your clothes. The best thing about fashion is that it is not a permanent art fixture. You can mix and match various pieces and come up with a different look every single time. Investing in fashion pieces is like investing in a painting or sculpture by a famed artist.

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