Logo Design: The Art That Creates Memorable Identities

Logo Design: The Art That Creates Memorable Identities

Logo design requires knowledge, experience, and skill. To create a unique, timeless logo that can communicate a brand’s message and represent the brand’s identity, logo designers follow golden rules. A well-crafted logo that is accurately aligned to a product or service can become valuable. The best examples are the Nike swoosh, the Mercedes’ three-pointed star, and McDonald’s golden arches.

Logo design can be overwhelming and daunting. Fortunately, there is a list below that can help you get started designing your logo:

Get to know the brand

To design an appropriate logo suitable for the purpose, get to know the brand first. It is always essential to research the brand to come up with a design that represents the brand well. Create a design brief by gathering basic information about the brand. A design brief can help you remain on track when things get out of hand.

Use a sketchpad

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Too many digital tools are available, but using a sketchpad to record your ideas will allow your eyes to rest for a while. A sketchpad will also let your hands work freely without getting restrained by a digital interface. You can explore new ideas and quickly record them whenever they pop up in your mind, even in the middle of the night. Keep a pen and a sketchpad beside your bed to not miss any of them.

Focus on trends

Every year, new, innovative trends on logo design come by. While keeping up with these trends is good, and experimenting with them, following them all the time will only result in repetitive logo designs.

In the past, gradients were a thing. But, using gradients in your designs for many years could be a bad idea. Nowadays, gradients are back again to catch attention.

Adapt unique logo design with originality

When designing a logo, aim for uniqueness. This way, your logo can easily attract attention and is easier to be familiar with. An excellent example of a unique and memorable logo design is custom hand lettering. Aside from being hard to copy, it doesn’t look like a standard font type that most logos utilize. Coca-Cola is the best example of custom hand lettering.

Start in black and white

At the early stage of the logo design process, color is not that important. Start designing using black and white before applying color on them later. Color should not be the main point of your design but form and shape. Coloring your logo at the finishing will allow you to focus on the concept more.

Create a sense of motion

Giving your logo a sense of motion allows you to preserve the brand’s message on every platform. The best example of a logo with a sense of motion is the Nike swoosh. It represents the energy and speed that the brand wants to relay to consumers usually in their commercials. Another example is Twitter’s logo.


Logo design is an art that is essential in the business world. A logo represents a company or brand’s identity and embarks a sense of familiarity, so coming up with a unique and original logo design is crucial.

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