Quality vs. Quantity: Which Works Best for the Budding Artist?

Quality vs. Quantity: Which Works Best for the Budding Artist?

It is quite a curious thing that when it comes to quality and quantity, people often have it as both sides of a coin. While quality is undoubtedly preferred, when the topic of quantity comes to question, the answer is not as clear cut as it seems. For example, a budding artist might take years – as long as it takes – to craft their creative masterpieces. However, the artist also needs to pay the bills and put food on the table, and working just for the sake of quality might not necessarily be ideal.

Quality against quantity is an interesting topic for artists, as it is often the reason why some individuals are unable to earn as much as they would like, resulting in the struggling artist stereotype. Whether it has to do with painting, writing, crafting or anything else, there is always the question of whether or not quantity or quality is ideal. That said, which one would work best for the budding artist?

A different point of view

Humans are typically very adept at figuring out the quickest way to get the job done, especially if there is a lot of work that needs doing. Inevitably, you will learn which is the best way to accomplish the task when you do something enough times, which is quite a different take when compared to focusing on either quality or quantity. When it is something as simple as accomplishing a certain number of projects within a specific timeframe, it might surprise you just how quickly you pick up on the most efficient methods.

That said, where does efficiency and productivity stand when it comes to quality and quantity? The fascinating part is it stays somewhere in the middle, which is the sweet spot for most artists looking to earn with their passions.

The power of consistency

The power of consistency

While getting the job done is crucial, there is little point in pushing yourself too hard if you are only going to suffer burnout by the end of the day. Such is the reason why artists are encouraged to practice their craft as much as possible while still having time to rest and return with a fresh mindset. Consistency is all about finding out how much you can accomplish without working yourself ragged. While there might be some trial and error, you will find that consistency allows you to work with both quantity and quality at the same time.

The bottom line

The more you work, the more you will figure out how best to accomplish the task – the same thing applies for any artist. The more you try things out, the easier it will be to figure out which type of method works for you. When it comes to the budding artist, quality and quantity are much the same thing. It is less about figuring out which one is better, and more about utilizing both to your advantage. Consistency is the key to honing your craft without being bogged down by the perfectionist’s plight.

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