Rediscovering Abstract Art – Origin, Form, and Inspiration

Rediscovering Abstract Art – Origin, Form, and Inspiration

Abstract art revolves around the emotions and feelings of the artist. Given that emotions are candor ideas; this puts abstract art as unrecognizable yet driven by realistic ideas. In a well-executed abstract piece, the public can quickly feel the message of the painting. Abstract art also has an extremely spontaneous nature. There’s no wrong or the right way of doing it.


The vital factor when painting abstract art is emotions. It depicts the feeling of the artist – whether he is feeling sad, angry, aggressive, inspired, or in love. The mood can also largely impact the habituates an artist use or doesn’t use. Besides this, artists had a reputation for utilizing outside stimuli such as weed, pills, alcohol, and the likes. This is true and false since not all artists utilize such stimuli. But one thing’s for sure: many artists have created incredible art while they are sober and influence. This solely means that emotions are crucial in making art, drunk or sober, happy, or sad; these all contribute to the final result of painting.

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Less is More

If you are an artist, there will be a lot of ideas racing in your head, and it could get overwhelming. With so many inspirations around you, it’s difficult not to incorporate them into your work. However, to create good abstract art, you must know when to stop. Take note that abstract art can be as plain as a black and white painting with several striking brush strokes. It can also be minimum in design and construction. Less is more should be your mantra. Appreciate the empty space and use fewer strokes. You might not know, your work could be fantastic modern wall art.

More is Better

Though less is more is aforementioned above, abstract art also gives way for artists who like to add more layers to their art. If you are not into the minimalism aspect, be bold, and add powerful elements to your art. Turn that empty space into an intense and intriguing artwork. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures, and shapes to depict your feelings and emotions. Abstract art has no limit, and you shouldn’t hold back, as well. Be creative and unique with your work.

All kinds of art, when combined, create an aspect that’s undefinable, unrecognizable, and unknown – pretty much was abstract art is all about. You can merge modern art, surrealism, abstract art, and pop art to develop your personalized style, and no one will call you out for that. Abstract art is freedom. It enables you to explore the deeper levels of your emotions and talent. As you place colors on your canvas, carry out your brush strokes, and overlay different textures, your mind will travel. It will go to a place that can only be seen in your final output. It releases concealed layers of yourself. In a true sense, abstract art is the mirror of your inner mind.

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