The Future of New York City Museums in this Time of Uncertainty

The Future of New York City Museums in this Time of Uncertainty

There are plenty of museums that tourists and locals can visit in New York City. But when COVID-19 ravaged all over the world, even these museums closed down for business in the meantime. All non-essential businesses and establishments were ordered closed to prevent the spread of the virus. The lockdowns started in mid-March, and until this day, many countries are still on strict lockdowns because the cases continue to surge. Only a handful of territories are now operating normally. 

New York City and the rest of the United States have the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths all over the world, but there were some lockdown restrictions that were eased, such as the reopening of non-essential businesses and establishments, including museums.

What to expect when visiting museums

visiting museums

There will definitely significant changes that we must expect should we decide to visit museums in New York City. Gone are the days of packed venues and a huge number of people milling about. Strict health protocols will be implemented, such as wearing face masks, social distancing, and a limited number of patrons at any given time. A lot of people still do not wear masks and social distance, despite the millions of cases that have been recorded in the country. Businesses are now being pro-active in their safety measures and not allowing people without masks to be indoors. This will also be true in New York museums. Social distancing will be practiced; a limited number of people at any one time will only be allowed so that there will be enough space for everyone without having to be near each other. People can still enjoy art exhibits, but they can expect that their time inside the museum or in front of each exhibit will be shortened to give way to others to enjoy them.

Job losses and salary cuts

In order to keep their businesses afloat and avoid permanent closure, the museum industry made desperate measures such as laying off a percentage of their workers and cutting salaries so that those who are still holding their jobs could still receive their wages, albeit being cut considerably. 

Art lovers will have to wait

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive that museums in the entire city should remain closed until further notice. Art and design lovers who love to visit these museums will have to wait until they can enjoy looking at treasured arts again. However, there is something good that the lockdown has brought. They can appreciate the art pieces that they own at home more than if they are not quarantined. They can also hone their artistic abilities while at home and make beautiful art themselves. 

When there is no more immediate COVID-19 threat, and the curve has been flattened, we can wait excitedly for the announcement that our favorite museums are ready to receive guests again. Until then, we can help flatten the curve by practicing strict health protocols.

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