The Rough Sketch: Finding Your Place in Art

The Rough Sketch: Finding Your Place in Art

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, trying to get your mind wrapped around inspiration and pushing to accomplish anything meaningful in the art can be an amazing — and harrowing — prospect. Life is often filled with so many different opportunities for inspiration and motivation that it can be outright overwhelming to push for anything substantial.

For example, while rough sketching would be one of the best ways to practice, there is still a rhyme and reason, and the rules still apply. There are also plenty of unorthodox ways to gather ideas, which could very well get in the way as much as it provides ammunition to an inspired soul. No matter your choices, here are some ways to find your place in art.

Work within the rules of your intended medium, but keep an open mind

intended medium

When it comes to your chosen medium, there has to have been a reason why you went for such a choice. Perhaps it was the easiest or most familiar, or perhaps it was unorthodox enough to merit a try. No matter the reason, a crucial point would be to learn some of the foundations at the very least, before you try to make your mark.

That said, there is also an issue in sticking too close to the source material for artistic ventures. For example, while you might trace an art piece down to the fine details, it is often better to copy only so much and allow yourself to stray when mimicking art.

Do not rely on inspiration

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind when dealing with any medium would be not to rely on inspiration. The fact of the matter is that inspiration can only keep a person’s attention for so long. When it comes to the long grind that often follows, people tend to realize that they aren’t prepared to be an artist. The trouble with inspiration is that it often makes people feel like they can handle something during the intense highs, only to come crashing down.

Learning how to be consistent with art is crucial — such a thing applies even to the appreciation of art. Keep in mind that pushing yourself despite the lack of inspiration is a talent that needs cultivation.

Absorb as much as you can with various mediums

The reason why the rough sketch is often considered so versatile is the fact that anyone can do it. It is the foundation of many types of art, though it can be an art style all on its own. The ideal solution would be to absorb as much as possible — whether it is art from famous historical figures, or even creative videos on streaming websites such as Youtube. Anything artistic that catches your fancy is bound to improve how you view your methods.

Trying to look for a way to express yourself artistically is a common predicament that practically everyone experiences at one point. The use of rough sketches as the baseline is excellent as it allows you to pace yourself while simultaneously improving your craft.


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