Tips for Aspiring Visual Artists

Tips for Aspiring Visual Artists

Visual artists shouldn’t be deterred by popular misconceptions when it comes to their craft. Chief among them is that there’s no money to be made in crafting stunning artwork. While art is a form of expression, artists need also to consider their art as a commodity. Some need to dispose of their collection to fund their subsequent purchases for art materials; for some, it’s to tide their family over. Whatever the reason, artists need to realize that they have to make a decent living from their passion.

While it may take some time for artists to build a following, they shouldn’t feel discouraged to pursue their craft. On the contrary, they have to stay motivated to hone their skills continuously. Even they experience artist’s block; they have to continue pursuing their craft. Furthermore, art nourishes society’s collective soul, so it’s up to artists to feed people and communities with art forms that inspire and uplift spirits.

If you’re seriously considering a career in visual arts, we have a few tips for you to consider. So read on, and try to stay as motivated as possible. That big break will come in due time.

Decide what medium to use

As a visual artist, you need to choose your medium carefully. First, you have to take stock of your skills and decide what medium suits your skills best. Then, once you’ve selected the medium, it’s a matter of mastering the nuances and intricacies of the medium to your advantage.

You’ll also need to invest in the art materials you’ll continuously use to express your passion. That’s another critical thing you have to remember. You should not underestimate quality, too.

Become observant

One of the best pieces of advice we can provide aspiring artists is to become as observant as possible. You’ll get your inspiration from different things, and you’ll need to transfer them to your medium. Try to capture the intricate features and apply different techniques to ensure that they highlight the subject.

Work on your craft

Becoming a professional artist means you have to put in the work. You have to keep at it because you hone your skills through use. Your muscle memory will also help you become as finetuned as an artist as possible. Sketch daily. This will allow you to develop good habits, improve your technique and improve eye-hand coordination. You’ll also feel more comfortable using your medium with constant use.

Build your portfolio

Each artist must learn to build their portfolio of artworks. So whether you have your sketchbook or you’ve dabbled in canvas, you have to ensure that you have a sizable portfolio on hand should you get an invitation to showcase your work.

Build your portfolio

Share your work for the world to see

One of the things you need to do if you’re an aspiring artist is to have other people look at your work. You can also let other artists critique your style, and you can listen to their recommendations to improve your craft. Build a presence online through social media. Nowadays, there’s a lot of non-traditional platforms where an artist can create a connection.


Becoming an artist isn’t easy, but it’s going to be highly fulfilling. You’ll nourish society’s need for beauty and culture. You can also earn a living if you get a huge break and people begin to buy your masterpieces. If you’re serious about becoming an artist, you’ll have to work hard to improve your craft and turn your passion into action.

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