Top Fashion Trends As Showcased From 2020 Spring Fashion Shows

Top Fashion Trends As Showcased From 2020 Spring Fashion Shows

As spring 2020 fashion shows end, trends such as frocks and bright pieces are the common elements that you can spot in the runways. If you haven’t caught up with the latest spring fashion trends and want to know all the stylish outfits that have dominated the catwalk, here are the top trends that graced the 2020 New York-London-Milan-Paris fashion week

Comeback for Denim

The primary and staple everyday denim that everyone loves now has ruffles, patchworks, tatter, and other fresh design. What stands out in the runway was Givenchy’s wide-legged and tattered pair of denim jeans combined with silk blouses or tailored blazers. 

Asymmetric Ruffles

The Spring Fashion show was all about playing with ruffles because there’s no such thing as too much of them, especially among those who wanted to make a huge fashion statement. Ruffles could be in one shoulder, in the flyaway hem, in one hip, or anywhere you want to place it.

Barely There Shorts

Legs-to-there and micro shorts were all over the catwalk of this year’s spring fashion show. In fact, even the most traditional house of Chanel sports these fashion pieces. At the Saint Laurent show, barely-there shorts were paired with sequined tops and classy evening jackets.

Pop of color

You can never go wrong with an epic or bold color if you wanted to stand out in the crowd, take it from the neon dresses that wowed everyone at the Valentino show. 


70’s Inspired Jackets

Marc Jacobs surely know what they were doing with their tailored blazers inspired by the ‘70s. The iconic fashion brand also designed it with psychedelic prints and wide lapels. Another name that slew the 70’s inspired jackets was Victoria Beckham. They mixed it with shirts that have big pointed collars. 

Feathered Frocks

Ostrich feathers will turn your ready to wear clothing pieces into couture artistry, such as the fabulous sportswear infected feathered dress at Burberry and white shirt at Valentino. 

Reconstructed Trench Coats

Trench coats are timeless, and they never go out of style. And designers have found ways on how to upgrade this classic coat into a must-have item this spring. Oscar de la Renta, for instance, created their coat from moire silk that comes with floral laser cuts. Sacai also stood out with their trench coat makeover that’s highly wearable. 

Rope Belts

Whether they were aiming for a nautical or ecclesiastical look, it works since rope belts look great down the runway. Tory Burch sports a sailing style ropes that were cut out of leather. 


Stripes are another timeless fashion trend, and 3.1 Phillip Lim did a great job on their graphic black and white pleated tops, as well as the sporty knitted dresses designed by Altuzarra. 

Super-sized Volume

Though they might not be wearable on a daily basis, these dresses designed with oversized shapes at Thom Browne is heaven.

Take these latest fashion trends and use it to curate a head-turning outfit this spring.

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