Topnotch Artists Are Creating and Living In These Uncertain Times of Self-Isolation

Topnotch Artists Are Creating and Living In These Uncertain Times of Self-Isolation

In the middle of the pandemic, artists didn’t let the strict lockdown stop them from creating; just like interactive gallery art viewing has become available from homes. In fact, living in isolation seemed to keep their creative juices flowing and turned for inspiration inwards. Here are six artists who tell their personal experiences and insights about this health crisis through art. 

OliviƩ Keck

OliviĆ© Keck may have had a hard time adjusting for the digital opening of his latest exhibition entitled “In Bloom,” since he was used to the satisfying congratulations after each show, the making process provided him sanctuary. Creating his artwork helped him relax and stabilize himself since the act is so intimate. The artist was also lucky to have something that could offer him distraction in these uncertain times. 

Anthony Muisyo

Anthony Muisyo used the Swahili word Vurugu, which means chaos, to describe the general feeling brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this chaos, the artist was given a chance to examine and question the delicate systems that the society is founded upon. Making his artwork helped him acknowledge his privilege and pushed him to do better in extending help in any way he can. He used solemn and dark hues, with colors that contrast both. 

Rocio Egio

According to Rocio Egio, happiness is all about being proud of the things you do every single day. In the outbreak of Covid-19, the artist learned to take a step back, stopped reacting, and reconnected. By doing this and acknowledging small positives, he was able to focus on himself and his creativity. While everyone seems to be missing their dinner parties and travels, Rocio looked forward to simple activities that he can do during this quarantine, like looking out his window to find inspiration. 

Rocio Egio

Camilo Huinca

Camilo Huinca might work alone; this process was new to her since she always finds inspiration from her social interactions with loved ones and close friends. Her work enabled her to create remotely. With this, digital communication is something that this artist is already familiar with. Her work was a portrait, and it showed how social media is an essential tool for finding inspiration and ideas, and most importantly, being closer with others.

Gary Taxali

While everyone is adjusting to this new way of living, Gary Taxali considered staying in as pure bliss. In fact, the artist believed that there’s nothing better than getting lost in creating art in his own home. And while he is fond of staying inside and staying safe, his piece focuses on the little things found outside. Having an attitude of gratitude is his way of honoring the moments and experiences he had before this pandemic started. 

Wilfrid Wood

One thing that artist Wilfrid Wood longed is for his art to be shown in person and not just online since he was a sculptor. His pandemic-inspired piece was a self-portrait with a melting face. For him, the part depicted that people should slow down after this or else, the planet will heat up with all the human activities and melt everyone. 

What are you building or creating this lockdown season? Be sure it is something artistic and inspiring.

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