Capture the Best Candid Photos

Capture the Best Candid Photos

Taking a great candid picture is not that easy. This is because aside from the composition, the photograph should also capture the emotions from the subject just like you would in taking perfect portrait photos.

Generally, candid photo refers to the photos that are taken sincerely unplanned. It could be pictures from beach trips, group gathering, family activities, and the likes.

Assuming that you are using a DSLR– though it can also be applied if you are shooting with a smartphone – here are some top tips and tricks that you could use to improve your candid photography game.

1. Zoom lens over prime lens

The issue when it comes to candid photography is the fact that it changes instantly. In just a short time frame, you can go from taking a group picture to shooting a dog. There’s no time for you to change from one lens to another. That’s why you should opt for a zoom lens rather than a prime lens.

2. Take tons of pictures

Hesitation is the main reason why photographers have bad photos. Knowing this, don’t think twice when taking photos. You never know, you might capture the highlight of the event. Furthermore, candid moments come unnoticed thus, you shouldn’t anticipate for that “perfect” shot, rather make one.

3. Stick to Al Servo AF

Basically, DSLR has two kinds of autofocus modes: Single Point AF-S and Al Servo AF – the latter is best for taking candid photography. If you are using Nikon, this kind of mode goes by the name Continuous AF-C.

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4. Don’t put down your camera

If you are planning to take candid photos, it is very essential to always hold your camera. You cannot miss anything since any moment could be your best shot.

5. Aperture Modes

The majority of DSLR have this thing called aperture modes, which is perfect for shooting candid pictures.

6. Utilize ambient light instead of flash

When talking about candid photography, expect that the photo scene changes from time to time. In the event that this happens, measure the light quality and expose your camera.

7. Shoot in RAW format

JPG format is not intended for candid photography, always remember that. If you are planning to post-process your pictures, then shoot in RAW format. This specific format has a lot of information compared to JPG format. Plus, it is easier and simpler to edit in RAW than in JPG.

8. Take advantage of the burst mode

When taking candid photos, you can try experimenting in Burst mode if you are using Nikon or Drive Mode if you are utilizing Canon. What these modes do is they enable you to shoot photos after photos in normal interval. With this, you won’t miss that single “perfect shot”. The moment you stop clicking the button, expect that the camera will stop taking photos. This specific feature is extremely useful for those who are shooting high-action.

These are just some of the helpful tips that could make you enhance your skills in taking candid photos.

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