A Guide to Buying Art

A Guide to Buying Art

It won’t be strange for someone, especially those from middle-class families, these days to keep a painting or two. Wanting your house to look good, while being able to afford it, is not wrong. Plus who knows when the artist whose work you bought will become famous. If he did, however, you’ve made a pretty lucky investment. So if you want to buy a painting, go ahead.

But maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe you need you need more guidance in buying paintings. In that case, here are just some basic tips on how to get started with your own collection.

Buying a Painting You Like

First of all, if you’re going to buy art, say you have one that you would like to buy, it should always be the one you like. It isn’t good that you’ll buy it then have buyer’s remorse later. For it to be truly worth it, you got to make sure you truly like it. And for you to know if you truly like it, you should try to explore and look at paintings done by the same artist or paintings of the same genre. If you like them as well, then you likely do like that painting you want to buy.

Knowing Where to Buy

Before you can like paintings, sculptures or prints, you should know first where they sell some. This is pretty easy. In addition to art galleries and art fairs, if you don’t have any of those in your country, you can just order a painting online. These days, artists would actually have websites and social media accounts that function as their online gallery. From there you might be able to send the artist a message for a commission, or the site might have an ordering function that allows you to order a painting. This is pretty convenient especially for interior designers looking for paintings that they can use to decorate with, or for people who just like paintings. For example, there’s a person on Youtube who has a channel where he showcases how he creates ant nest art. He shows the whole process, including the actual pouring of the molten metal into the ant nest, then digging it out. The almost symmetrical designs look cool and there’s some that look like trees when flipped.


Paintings and art are not all expensive. Despite the sensationalism the mainstream media put into news about artworks and how much they were sold or bought, artworks could be cheap. The important thing to remember is to stay below your budget as much as possible. If, however, you find something you really like that is above your budget, if you can, go buy that artwork.

Collecting or Decorating

You can either choose only one as motivation or both, but always remember to have somewhere to hang them. If you’re just going to decorate your home with it then you likely have a lot of blank walls and open spaces, which is great. if you’re collecting, over time, you find yourself lacking space to hang your new painting or to display your new sculpture, so watch out for that.


So to recap: You should research what kind of artworks you like and where to buy those paintings before buying them. It is really that simple. It doesn’t matter what kind of work it is, be it a photo, a painting, a print, or whatever. The point is that you like it and you think it looks good wherever you’re planning to display it.

There is, however, the fact that once you bought one, you should do the effort into maintaining them. Even if they’re just for display they’re a part of your home now. So make sure you’re really up for this investment.

1st Image: Via Pixabay.

2nd Image: Via Pixabay.

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