Art Sculpture: From Imagination To The Real World

Art Sculpture: From Imagination To The Real World

Among many forms of visual arts, sculptures exist as one of the oldest art forms. It is also among the most visible types of artwork in public. Sculptures allow us to understand the history and learn about ancient civilizations. What makes this form of art fascinating is that every art piece is one’s imagination that is meticulously formed to exist in the real world.

Sculpture artwork: Explained

A sculpture comes in the form of three-dimensional objects made of hard or plastic materials. Traditional sculptures are freestanding or reliefs pieces. On the other hand, contemporary artists may utilize sculpture as part of “experimental art,” in which sculptures are integrated into surroundings or tableaux that might immerse the observer.

Marble, clay, wood, and metals were the traditional materials used in sculpture. Contemporary sculpture, on the other hand, can be made out of any material the artist wishes, including plastic and even scraps.

Contemporary and modern artists also use projections, lights, audio, along with other technology in their sculptures at times. In recent years, 3D printing in sculpture is also becoming popular.

The four basic types of sculpture

Classical sculptures come in four primary types, which are defined according to the materials used by the artist. Bronze casting, stone carving, wood carving, and clay firing are the traditional materials used in sculpture.

Stone Sculpture

Stone sculpture – A sculpture made of stone is more durable compared to most types of alternative materials. For this reason, it became an essential part of architectural sculptures on building facades and walls. The majestic sculpture “The Sphinx” is among the most mysterious and ancient sculptures man has created.

Bronze sculpture – Bronze is often used for cast metal sculptures, particularly for statues, reliefs, and figurines. Unlike various stone or ceramic materials, bronze’s ductility and strength are advantageous when creating sculptures in action postures. “The Statue of Unity” is the biggest statue in the world, which is made out of 8 million pounds of bronze.

Clay sculpture – This type of sculpture has been around for many years. It is also recognized across the globe. Children start to hone their sculpting skills using clay.

Wood sculpture – Wood sculptures are made using these three main techniques; wood carving, woodturning, and woodworking. It is an artwork that captures the beauty of nature. The most popular wood sculptures in the world include the “Abstract Wood Sculptures Art” of Ben Butler, the “Pixelated” wood sculpture of Hsu Tung Han, and the award-winning “Paintings” by Henrique Oliveira.

The three primary sculpture types

Sculpture has been defined by three primary processes of creation throughout history. These are carving, modeling, and joining. Any of the three traditional materials or modern alternatives could be used in these types of creations. But, modern sculptors might apply other creative processes for the materials they use in their artworks.


Sculptures are most often seen in public displays. Most traditional sculptures can instantly bring you back to ancient times at a glance. Some art sculpture artists create their art pieces using one sculpture material while others combine different materials. It is also interesting that the most famous sculptors in history were involved in public building works.

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