Public Art: More Than Meets the Eye

Public Art: More Than Meets the Eye

When people talk about public art, they usually refer to vandalism. But not all public art is just limited to vandalism. And with public art becoming more prevalent in our society today, it would be good for all of us to try and understand why it has come to be. Today, there is public art commissioned to be displayed. And for more contemporary spaces, it has become increasingly common to find. Commissioned works can be made to fit the environment surrounding it, or the surroundings were based around its premise to fit the vision of this work.


The way we interpret art all differs from person to person. For example, one may believe an artwork depicts peace, whereas another believes it represents despair. And that’s what’s so great about public art. Most artists who make these artworks usually leave people to come up with their interpretations. It could be that these people don’t even think twice of the artwork that they just passed by, or they thought long and hard about what it could mean and what the artist wanted to convey.

Messages Public Art


Some artists are a bit clearer with their message to communicate with people. And the idea they want to impart to people can range from social issues, feelings, or thoughts. But since you’re looking at art, you. Yet, anyone who passes by may not understand the full weight of what they want to share with the world. Everyone has different interpretations for different works of art, mainly due to all the diverse cultures and backgrounds people come from. The messages that artists convey can vary because some would spell it out for you to see, whereas others are a bit more cryptic with what they want to point out. Some can add hidden or underlying meanings to their works.

Public Opinion

Up until today, there are still people who look down on public art and see it as a way to defile public property and introduce disorder into communities. But if we take a step back to see what it is, it’s just a way for people to express themselves freely and give others a piece of their minds. Seeing how other people view the world can help us better understand how the world we live in works and why it works that way. Yes, people still vandalize public and private spaces, which is wrong. But if we do our best to give a space for these artists to express themselves freely, then maybe more people will learn to appreciate the work behind public art.

Public art is created to be appreciated by anyone and everyone. The artists who create these pieces do their best to display and share messages that make people question an idea or practice. Public art is more than just vandalism. And it is an avenue for artists to share their work and give to others. Furthermore, this is why we should have a deeper appreciation for the people who are willing to share their work with the world.

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