Art Therapy – Do Art Whether You’re Feeling Happy, Sad, or Just Meh

Art Therapy – Do Art Whether You’re Feeling Happy, Sad, or Just Meh

This advice does not only apply to beginners or those in trouble, but to anyone regardless of where they rank in their career. Times have been changing and the society is beginning to accept the new kind of art – Art Therapy.

There is an article that can guide you on how to be an artist. As mentioned at the end, to better your art craft, you must have constant practice and learn to learn from others. However, to be “good at art” doesn’t necessarily mean drawing visually pleasing artworks.

In fact, to do art, there are no specific requirements for anyone to take part in the activity. Everyone, after all, has different interests in what art they like.

Mental Health

Mental Health

This might be a very sensitive topic to tackle, but to talk about art therapy, it seems necessary to talk a bit about mental health as well.

Mental health is a growing concern among the current generation, perhaps also to both the young and old. Life should be easier now thanks to the growing technology but mental illnesses are still on the rise. The causes of these illnesses have several factors to consider, such as social media, the pressure from other people, and many more.

While there is treatment for mental illnesses, it is still inadequate as not everyone with one sought treatment. There still is the stigma against mental illnesses, having to visit a psychiatrist, or even taking medications. Today, it is still on the rise but awareness has been raised and there is less stigma.

Several possible solutions have come out as alternative treatments. They may not necessarily be the cure, but can instead help with the coping. Art therapy is one of the many.


Art Therapy

There are now several ways to use art as therapy. Art therapy is a technique that makes the person express what they feel or think by bringing out the creativity from their inner experience. Visual art is commonly used in this type of therapy. Different materials can be used for making art, ranging from colored markers to chalk to paint. Anyone has the freedom to decide what art they can do.

People can use art also for communicating, expressing their feelings whether it be happiness or the blues. Even those who do not seem like they need it may need this type of therapy. After all, not everything can be expressed through words.

Some people who don’t even have any illnesses can even use this type of therapy to vent out their frustrations, stress, and anger. One does not have to be talented to make art. This method might seem awkward at first but this creative process will feel rewarding later on.

You Should Try It!

It won’t be hard to start! Don’t want to see a therapist for this? No worries, you can just find yourself a sketchpad or any notebook for drawing, and just start drawing out. You can keep it as either a diary or an occasional thing, it’s all up to you. Just remember, don’t think so hard and just draw them out. I hope you’ll be feeling a bit better after drawing each page.

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