Art Therapy: How it Benefits Seniors

Art Therapy: How it Benefits Seniors

Whether you are an artist or an art lover, you know how art can inspire and bring pleasure. However, there is so much more to artistic expression than you are aware of. Based on studies conducted, art therapy is invaluable in treating various mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Art is an excellent way to communicate our most profound feelings without having to verbalize them. The result is a feeling of relief as these emotions are released, which is a step towards achieving a more positive state of mind.

Simply put, art therapy utilizes visual arts for healing purposes. It does not necessarily require working with a professional to reap the benefits that art therapy provides. Anyone can get creative and try their hand at drawing, painting, sculpting, and other art forms they prefer as their medium. What is essential is the comfort and peace of mind it provides.

For seniors, art therapy is helpful in the management of stress and pain that often accompany aging. Additionally, art therapy can help them cope with the loss of memory or forgetfulness. For many older adults involved in the arts, the benefits include an improvement in their physical well-being, fewer visits to the doctor, and more self-confidence.

Below are more amazing benefits that art therapy offers to seniors.

Pain management

For many seniors, pain is a part of their daily life. They suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure, and a host of other ailments. Through art therapy, seniors find a natural way to relax and manage their pain. The inflammation and stiffness that may come from arthritis are significantly reduced. And because they consistently use both their fingers and arms to create art, there is an improvement in their agility and healthier blood flow. Creating art allows them to focus more on their work rather than their pain.

Pain management

Helps reduce depression

Because of the various health issues many seniors face, it is understandable to suffer from anxiety that ultimately leads to depression. Imagine being so active in your younger years and suddenly find yourself restricted from many of your favorite physical activities because of mobility concerns. Memory loss is another issue that can cause depression in older people. When they start to create art, they are less likely to feel depressed doing something productive that they can be proud of. Even those who find it challenging to communicate can verbalize how they feel using art as their medium.

A means to release emotions

Probably one of the most notable benefits that art therapy offers is the opportunity to release pent-up emotions that cause stress and anxiety. Seniors can feel frustration building up when they go through various changes in their physical and mental state. There may be things they find difficult to express, especially more complex emotions like loneliness and fear. By creating art, they can translate those feelings into their chosen medium and let go of emotions that affect their mental well-being.

Art therapy is something that can improve the quality of life of seniors. It gives them a renewed purpose to live a healthier, happier life.

Art therapy can make a massive difference when it comes to both the mental and physical health of seniors.

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