Three Artistic Ways that will Help You Heal your Pain

Three Artistic Ways that will Help You Heal your Pain

Have you been in a situation where you felt like you were squabbling against your inner self? Or were you suffering from rejection, condemnation, belittlement, and other painful experiences that life has thrown at you?

If you are that person, this message is for you.

Pain is part of human life. Most people find it hard to heal because it zapped their focus, upended their hopes, stole their joy, and paralyzed their dreams.

Yet, this is not something to be avoided in life but is something to be overcome. Your pain may become an opportunity for you to start a new skill, direction, and freedom.

You may express your pain through any form of artistic activities that may unlock your road to healing and set you to a new course in life. Here are three suggestive ways that may help you heal your pain by doing art.


Writing is said to be a common form of art. Be it a personal journal or a novel- all of these will enable your mind to create an arc of words and explore an array of imagination as you begin to write. It gives you the freedom to traverse from thinking about your painful experiences to a more relaxing state of mind.

As you write, you are widening the road to express your emotional goliath. Doing this more often will eventually unload your emotional baggage and will unlock your door towards healing. You may write stories inspired by your experience or your imagination where you can express your emotions through a character and create the kind of outcome you desire. You are the captain of your ship, after all. That way, you can totally express yourself, release your pain, and by and by begin to heal.


Painting is another form of art that gives you a satisfying feeling through the use of color pigments applied on a solid surface. As you paint, you are transforming your imagination into a reality. It will help you paint the scars of your excruciating experiences into a canvas. You can totally pour your heart out through your paintings until you are satisfied. Once you release it into something creative, it will give you a sense of joy and peace and eventually help you heal. Paintings created that are inspired by personal experiences portray and arouse emotions and are considered as the best paintings from generations then and now.


Swirl Girl Represents Young Woman And Lassie

Dancing has been regarded as a performing art over the years. It is considered as a natural form of creative self-expression that involves the combined full execution of your physical body, thoughts, inner feelings, and experiences. As you dance, you perform and communicate a creative dialogue towards yourself and others. It will give you a lighter feeling and a positive energy and thereby help you heal.

There are still many artistic activities you can try and explore out there. What’s important is that you’ll learn to divert your pain into something that will help you heal.

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