Bringing Back the Retro Interior Design with Hanging Wall Art

Bringing Back the Retro Interior Design with Hanging Wall Art

In the midst of the health crisis, many people find themselves working from home or social distancing. Think about wearing your favorite pair of pajamas the whole day – this is just one of the plethora of benefits that you could take advantage of while staying indoors. The pandemic has also triggered our creative imagination in various ways.

Since your home is where you spend the majority of your time this quarantine season, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade your space a little but –nothing too drastic, just a subtle feature that could make the room pop. And the most ideal way to do this is by adding a touch of your personality to your walls.

Wall Art

Wall hangings are not just an attractive element for a room, and they could also complement the wall art that you already own. They are cheap and easy to access, plus they offer an instant style, texture, and color to your space.

Textiles hangings and banners are another way to inject an ounce of texture and interest to a wall. They are excellent style tip for renters and tenants since you can create a huge impact to your room without worrying about long-term damage. On top of that, you can take it with you as you move to another apartment. 

If you are used to seeing 2D masterpieces on the walls of your most creative friends, it’s time to bid goodbye to this last season design. The most popular interior trends today involve vintage inspiration and charm. However, always remember to incorporate your style to your living space. 

Blue Wall Art

Wall Art and Your Personality

The kind of wall hanging you select will reflect your personality. It also says a lot about the theme or message that you want to set for space. You can use graphic prints, handwoven tapestries, vintage banner style, and fringed pieces to achieve the mood you aspire for your home. Textured wall art is also a significant trend, and it goes well with handmade, vintage, and boho trends. Other options include tapestry, Seventies knotting, naturalistic salvage, and blousy florals. 

Going into the wall hanging aspect, there is a huge variety to choose from. Styles range from 1970’s inspired macramé pieces to geometric tapestry and prints weaves completed with tassels, fringe, or pom-poms. 

Slogan art goes all the way back, and usually, it is a subversive response to propaganda and advertising. Another option to spice up your wall is to hang some slogans. They are a simple way to make your room more inspiring and personalized. Plus, it also makes space feel homelier and more comfortable. From inspiration quotes to song lyrics, the possibilities for hanging slogans are endless.

With the pandemic happening around, there is a great need to find a space where you can escape from the outside world. Hence, making your living space as homey as possible is very important. It is where you will unwind and recharge, so your mood and mind remain healthy. Hanging wall art is an easy way to encourage and uplift your spirit as you pass them, be it a joke, verse, song lyrics, or slogan.

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