Deciphering the Underlying Concept Behind Abstract Art

Deciphering the Underlying Concept Behind Abstract Art

Abstract art is dependent on the artists’ emotions. As emotions appear to be very lucid ideas, the art is known to be difficult to decipher and often deemed a far-fetched reality. But, a perfect abstract art masterpiece conveys a poignant message and emotion just like the popular Mexican murals that influence American art. Abstract art is highly spontaneous. With the help of colors, textures, and shapes, the outcome art is a mood of its own. 

Overall, there is no right or wrong way to create an abstract painting, as there is no absolutely right or wrong way to feel while painting it. Let us check into the focal elements of the art.

The Emotions

This is the key to any abstract art. What is the state of mind and emotions of the artist at the time he is painting? Is he happy, sad, in love, in despair, or angry? Moods profoundly impact the effect of art. It is a long-standing norm that artists use outside stimuli to create art, and it can be in the form of alcohol, weed, pill, and more. Emotions play a crucial part in making the art, happy, sad, sober, or drunk, and these emotions highly influence the outcome of any abstract masterpiece.


Less is More

Some artists feel that when they paint abstract art, they find the need to place a subject matter on the art, a bird, fish, flower, person, etc. Many of the art created combine what the artists’ feel, see, or whatever it is that ‘moves’ them. The real challenge in creating great abstract art is knowing exactly when to stop. It can be as plain and simple as a white and black painting with very distinct power strokes. It can also be minimal in design and overall construction. Art is convening more with fewer words, less clutter, minor strokes, but utilizes empty spaces to magnify the artists’ current state of mind. 

More Can Be Better

When painting any abstract art, the artist finds it hard to use less of what they have. The artist is in a debate with himself on how he can come up with a compelling artwork by using empty space and extensive space elements. Convey more by speaking less, paint more by using pain to highlight the emptiness, and afford it a great form. However, there are times when the exact opposite happens, and the painter becomes lavish and flamboyant with his ideas and emotions. How many layers are used in abstract art? In my humble opinion, the more layers of paint mean more layers of emotions. How many colors and textures can there be in a canvass? One can add as much as they want, but, they can always define the shape, texture, and dimensions anyway they want. This and more speaks volumes of the artists’ minds, emotions, and what-not.

Abstract art is definitely the reflection of the artists’ inner mind. The more abstract paint you create, the more emotions you convey and reveal to the world. 

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