Eclectic Interior Design: A Mixed Bag

Eclectic Interior Design: A Mixed Bag

When designing a house, it’s hard to stick to just one theme, and this is where eclectic design comes in. Eclectic design is perfect for people who have a time deciding on what style to follow when designing their home. This movement in interior design makes use of a wide array of textures and opposing color palettes. It makes use of elements that seem like they just would not work together, but somehow eclectic design manages to create a cohesive look. In terms of design, the sky is the limit for all the possibilities in eclectic interior design, the only rule that it really has is to have fun with it.

Patterns and Textures

In this style of interior design, it’s possible for a room to have so much different patterns but still not come across as overwhelming. However, there is a fine line between what works and what does not. This is why checking to see what complements the room is still important. As for textures, the same rules for patterns also apply. It is recommended to use textures sparingly and to spread them throughout the room evenly so that there won’t be just one corner that draws the attention of people. The goal is to keep a person interested but not overwhelmed.

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Statement Pieces

To tie the whole look of eclectic interior design together, getting a statement piece would be able to help. As per its name, a statement piece is something that will draw the eye and catch its attention. Take note that while statement pieces enhance the look and feel of a room it’s best to focus on only having one piece in a room so as to not take away from the effect and become distracting instead. In more spacious rooms, having another statement piece might not hurt, while keeping in mind to space them evenly. Generally, one statement piece would already be enough for most rooms.

Gallery Walls

Having art around a house can brighten up the mood of any room. It can work as a talking point for conversations, and eclectic design has found a way to make it the highlight of a room. In eclectic design, one of the most common occurrences is gallery walls, where one whole wall is just dedicated to displaying a collage of art. To give a sense of diversity on the wall, designers tend to use different kinds of frames to add an extra layer of texture or pattern to a room, this can also work as the statement piece of a room and check most of the requirements for eclectic design.

Eclectic design is the complete opposite of minimalism, it tries to incorporate everything that is available. It would seem that this idea just wouldn’t work, because less is more, yet it has found a way to make it possible and look amazing. The use of conflicting colors, textures, and patterns is exactly what makes this movement as successful as it is. Without its almost chaotic nature, the harmony from putting all these unrelated pieces of furniture or art would not emerge.

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