An Era Before Street Style: Skatecore

An Era Before Street Style: Skatecore

Since its early start in California during the 1950s, skateboarding has already grown so much and is even being recognized as an Olympic sport. Skateboarding has developed its own culture, and a large part of that is the fashion that has evolved to fit the needs of skateboarders. Seeing street style, a lot of similarities can be drawn beside skater style, this is no coincidence because street style has emerged from the influence of skatecore. The style used by skaters has come to be known as skatecore or skate style. This style is distinguished by being loose, practical, and comfortable to make skating comfy and give a degree of protection to skateboarders.


Having simple graphic crew neck shirts is always handy when trying to pull off a skater-inspired look. These shirts usually come with a small logo, slogan, or picture that fit loosely on the body. Looking for a layer to keep warm? Hoodies always match the overall vibe of the style. In addition, they pair well with a variety of different types of bottoms ranging from jeans, chinos, trousers, or even cargo pants. If it gets really chilly, some skaters also put a coat over their hoodies to add an extra layer. To generalize, when looking for tops to use, look for loose-fitting and minimal designs.

Skatecore street style


In the heat of the summer, skaters gravitate toward a good pair of skate shorts such as chino shorts or cargo shorts. Skate shorts are an essential item in any skateboarder’s closet because of the relaxed fit that allows them to do all kinds of tricks while skating. When picking pants, it’s best to avoid pairs that are either too baggy or too skinny. The most common types of pants that skaters use are jeans, chinos, and cargo pants that are straight cut, cropped, and have slightly wider pant legs. Keep in mind that cuffing pants or getting a cropped pair that is a touch above the ankle because it prevents the pants from getting caught while skateboarding.

Shoes and Accessories

Perhaps the most essential part of skater style is the shoes. The sandpaper found on skateboards tend to do a number on shoes which is why picking the right pair is important. Shoes that are perfect for skating are usually ones that have a canvas upper and a rubber sole, making Vans and Converse the perfect pick. A few accessories that are commonly seen are wallet chains to keep cash in place while doing kickflips and ollies. Another good addition to outfits would be a baseball cap with a simple logo or a bucket hat. Carrying things around without a bag can be a hassle, which is why getting a backpack can be a good investment.

Skatecore has been a huge inspiration for one of the biggest styles to date, street fashion. Its loose, free-flowing nature sums up the whole aesthetic of the style, much like the skaters that have created this style. Before street fashion skate style was truly the king of casual and relaxed styles, while it is not as dominant as it used to be, it still has a large influence on fashion in today’s generations.

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