Exploring the Connection between Music and Visual Arts

Exploring the Connection between Music and Visual Arts

A lot of people would say that there are different art forms. Yes, that’s true – painting is an art form, sketches and doodles are an art form, photography is an art form. We can argue that everything around us is an art form. There’s a natural symmetry in everyday objects, and all we need to do is look closely to see it. You’ll surely be amazed at what you’ll discover once you stop and look at objects more intently. 

Music is a performance art form. It incorporates the notes, lyrics, and rhythm and produces a sound representing the composer’s intent. Immersing oneself in the intricacies of music allows one to reach a different understanding of the song. Music affects your mood and can directly influence the results of whatever you’re doing. 

So, now the question is, does listening to music affect your visual art form? And if so, how does it influence your craft? First, let’s dive into the connection between music and visual arts. 

Music sets the tone

Have you ever wondered why you seem always to have a rhythm going on inside your head? Think about it. Every movement you make, there’s a rhythm that you follow. Yet, when you try to look at it, you seem to hear notes from one of your favorite tunes. Have you ever caught yourself humming when you’re working on something? Did you ever realize that the speed of your humming also corresponds to how fast you’re working? 

Whether you would like to admit it or not, there’s music inside our heads. It dictates how fast or slow we move, and the fun thing is, we can change it depending on our mood. This is why it’s essential to listen to music whenever you’re doing something. Music sets the tone, and your body will respond to it. This is one of the reasons why runners enjoy their runs with music. Their bodies react to the beat. The same is true for visual artists. 

Streetart Multicolored

Music affects your mood and body

Noticed how the music you’re playing directly affects your mood? Try listening to hardcore music for a bit, and you can immediately say that you’re energized and on edge. When you want to sleep, you listen to soothing music because it lets your mind relax, and your body drifts off seemingly pretty quickly. That’s how fast music affects your body.

Visual artists can also use music as an inspiration. The more vibrant the music played, the faster the painting movements, the bolder the color choices. The more relaxing the music played, the more subtle and refined the brush strokes will fall on the canvas. 

Music affects your work 

As you’ve seen, music directly affects the quality of work you produce. Whether you listen to upbeat, energetic music or put on slow, smooth, relaxing tunes, your work will reflect what your body and mind feel at the moment. Music spurs your creative juices, and it can either direct you to become more detailed or more gregarious in your strokes. Either way, you’re bound to produce a masterpiece that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Immerse yourself in music and let your artistic sides come together. Let the beat guide your hand in creating an artwork that’s reflective of your innermost feelings. Let music serve as an inspiration that will keep your passion alive. 

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