Photo Memorabilia: Inexpensive Ways to Preserve and Organize Photographs

Photo Memorabilia: Inexpensive Ways to Preserve and Organize Photographs

Whether it is print or digital photos, they take up a large amount of space. Here are cheap ways on how to organize your pictures so they won’t end up as a huge pile of mess.

Hanging file folders

If you don’t have a lot of pictures but you want to store the prints in an organized place, hanging file folder is the best option. It will also make labeling easy.

Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags are cost-efficient. It preserves the images and allows the owner to write labels using permanent markers outside the bag. 

Rubber bands

Since rubber bands have different colors, you can separate pictures according to years and events by color-coding them. 


This is an effective method of storing snapshots. It keeps pictures organize and it is an incredible way to recycle old shoeboxes. You can even store a plethora of photos and categorize them inside.

Plastic photo boxes

Compared to paper boxes, plastic ones are a little pricey. This is because they are specifically manufactured to protect your pictures and prevent it from getting dusty. It is also made from an airtight container.

Paper photo boxes

This is an upgrade from shoeboxes. They look neat, more organized, and sturdy.

photo storing systems

Scan with online photo storing systems

This is the most hassle-free and easy way to preserve your digital pictures if the budget is not an issue for you. Online photo storage systems back up and organize your photos, which is helpful if you lose the original copies of your pictures.

Plastic boxes

You don’t have to splurge on plastic boxes that are specifically manufactured for storing photos, regular plastic containers will work just fine. They come in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Whether you have a huge collection of a picture or a few photos, you will find the right plastic boxes to store them. They also have different colors.

Butcher paper with rubber bands

If you want to access your photos and scan through them easily, labeling your pictures using butcher paper and wrapping them utilizing a rubber hand is an incredible way to arrange prints. 

Categorize on your Apple computer in iPhoto

iPhoto offers amazing photo organization option for Apple users. It allows you to arrange your photos according to the events and dates they were taken. It also has a face recognition technology to arrange pictures of everyone in your gallery.  

Out of all these options in organizing your pictures, professionals highly suggest using Ziploc bags. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It is also secured and the most diverse technique of photo organization. The other options work fine and you can also use them to your advantage, though they may cost a little much compared to Ziploc bags. 

For digital prints, online photo storage systems are efficient and inexpensive when rendering photo organization services. They transform physical photos into digital files, which make it super easy to sort and store on your computer. 

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